Storing shoes near point of use...

brugloverZ9June 22, 2008

I have the majority of my shoes in my clothes closet in plastic boxes or the boxes they came in. The shoes that I use often end up being under my computer desk, as that is where I change shoes. I tried having plastic shoe boxes there, but I don't return them to the boxes or have a number of pairs in one box. Still looks messy. I am talking about maybe 5 pairs of shoes at the most.

Shoes for gardening end up being left by the back door.

I would like to be able to provide an area so that the shoes could be left where I change them. I don't want them to look messy by just lying around on the floor.

What do you do? Any ideas would help.

Thanks, Margie

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you could get a big basket to corral them in.

I tried, for a while, to have a box w/ vertical cubbies to drop the shoes in (sort of like a wine box; I think I got a cardboard version of this and laid it flat on its back, and then dropped the shoes inside.

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Talley sue...I am going to do something like the big when I was bringing donations into the shop I saw a basket made of metal for $5. which I think will work very well. If I don't use it for that, I can always use it for potted plants. I could even spray paint it if I would like.
While at the shop I saw two of my tops purchased! A good deal for someone.

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Could you hang a shoe bag under the desk or would that be awkward. I was thinking of even 1/2 a shoe bag. I never would have thought of cutting one of those down to size till I read of Talley Sue's idea for cutting them to fit.

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Just thought of something else. Would you want to push your pretty metal basket in under out of sight, and then be able to pull it out again easily? You could put it on wheels, or one of those things they sit pot plants on the wheel around. That way you could just grab it with your toes, choose your shoes, and push it back under with your toes again? Just throwing ideas around.

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lilydilly, I like the idea of the wheels on the basket. I was looking on-line this morning for storage for shoes and got the idea of a plastic bin on wheels. It wasn't as pretty as this one and was a whole lot more costly.
I think I will try it without wheels and like you said I could add one of the flower pot bases with wheels if I feel I need it.
I told myself I wasn't going to buy, just bring in...but this basket met me outside the store and it seemed just right, so I thought it would be silly not to buy it!

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I have lots of sandals and don't have room to store them in plastic shoe boxes like I do my other shoes. I use a laundry basket that is kept in a corner next to my closet. It is tall enough so that they can't jump out and wander off!

If you have a wood floor and a metal basket, be careful not to mar the floor when you slide it around.

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It looks like this basket will hold 3 pairs of shoes, max 4. The rest I put back in plastic boxes in my closet. I can see all the shoes without moving the basket out, so that works well. Looking better under my desk already!

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