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dayenuJune 3, 2005

I recently joined the world of laptop users and abandoned the PC to my husband. It has opened a whole new world for me, in creativity. I can take my writing with me anywhere, not only the writing I must do for work but creative outlets that had been sitting fallow for a while: short stories and poetry.

I put all my embroidery software on the laptop too, so now it's all mine (evil doctor laugh)

I love setting up the desk top in a frilly way that suits me alone and I also love having everything on here password protected, sure I could do that before but invariably my husband needed something or added an icon to my desk top. Now I have a virtual room of my own and it's really really nice.

What about the rest of you, is your computer an extension of work and hobby and does not having to share make a difference?

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I really like using the laptop. We frequently travel in our motor home. I do the office work for our contracting business and can take along the office work and, thanks, to a wireless air card, can send email and get online.

When at home, I often prop up on the bed in the evening to watch TV and use the laptop at the same time to surf the web and compose emails.

I have hundreds of graphics stored on my laptop which I often include in emails.

I have downloaded a lot of midi type music and copied favorite CD's into the laptop so I can have music if I choose.

I would not want to be without my laptop....Gumbycat

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I finally bought a laptop after realizing how much I enjoyed moving around while using the work-provided laptop. Now if I want to surf or go through email while the TV is on, it's no problem. I've hauled the laptop into the kitchen (the house is networked wireless-ly) to assemble a recipe, and even got to check on emergency substitutions and tips like softening hard brown sugar, without the usual trek back and forth to the office for the Internet. Sure beats having PCs all over the house!

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I had used a PC for years. When it crashed I was forced to share the laptop with DH. I had really disliked using the mouse and keyboard on the laptop so the arrangement had worked out fine.

Now, though, DH is able to keep his laptop from work at home (he uses a PC at work) and I have our laptop to myself. I've gotten so used to it being in front of the TV in the evenings and being able to use it anywhere in the house since it's wireless. I've also gotten used to the mouse and its keyboard.

I still have the desk in our guest room/office from when I was using the PC. I can't decide what to do with the desk which is oversized and basically just a top and sides. I keep thinking I might sit at it and actually work on something but I have not used it once since the PC is gone. I always use the dining room table which is in a central area of the house.

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I wouldn't want to give up my laptop. DH has a PC he's been using, but his employer just bought him a laptop, so he uses that at home now instead of his PC. DH & I tried to share for a while, but it didn't work well. We both use the computer quite a bit, so one of us was always waiting to use it. I like each of us having our own.

I keep all sorts of ideas & photos for my hobbies & remodeling on my laptop. I love being able to sit in comfort on the sofa instead of sitting at a desk. We have DSL & a wireless network, so if I want to use my laptop in the sewing room or bedroom, I can do that.


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the desktop at home is my DH's. He also has a laptop, but he doesn't actually use it much.

I have one folder there that's mine, but really I leave it all to him.

The reason I'd llike us to switch to a laptop is not because it's portable, but because it's SMALLER and can be PUT AWAY.

Sort of like "portable" sewing machines--nobody carries them around much, but they sure like being able to put them back in their case and put them away!

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Does it bother anyone to have to bring the laptop to the printer and plug it in? Where do you keep your printer? I find that this is the one thing that bothers me about the laptop.

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There are printers out there which can be accessed wirelessly. Or wireless print servers which can be shared on a home network. That way it almost doesn't matter where the printer is (so long as it is an appropriate environment for electronics).

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We have a wireless network with a wireless printer. We love it.

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