Christmas by the Month - June

jamie_mtJune 1, 2005

Uh...Wow! Can you believe it's June already? It's sort of sneaking up on me this year - everything is just flying by!

Unfortunately, I can't say *I* got anything done for Christmas in May...but I did put my hubby to work, and he got 4 more napkin rings and a couple coasters crocheted for me. So that is a big help. ;-)

This month I really need to get moving on christmas projects, or I'm just not going to get any done! And since I can't afford to buy everyone "stuff", I just have to get moving.

So my Christmas-prep goals for June are:

1. Finish a complete table set (placemats, napkin rings and coasters)

2. Spend at least one afternoon crocheting squares for Dad's chenille throw.

3. Buy a few christmas ornaments on sale for little "token" gifts that I'll need.

4. Regroup and make a list of what I'm definately making, and who I'll definately be buying stuff for, so I can budget both time and money over the summer (novel idea, eh?). :-)

So how are you doing on your christmas planning and projects?

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Yay for the crocheting DH, Jamie!

Drum roll please...I finally got my mother's vest started, and I'm doing a round-robin with it and my other Christmas projects (and a light summer sweater for me). I finished a flower-shaped cotton chenille washcloth that will be a gift for someone (with a nice soap).

In the works besides the vest are:
1. Striped stocking ski hat for my brother - done except for some loose ends and a tassle
2. My first Fair Isle project - a Norwegian Star hat gift for someone (?) - half done.
3. Mohair lace scarf for daughter-in-law - I kept ripping a part of it out so I put it aside for a while.

My goal is to finish at least one of these three projects by the end of June.

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Wow- DH crochets? Impressive.

1- decide what I have already on hand for christmas. I have already written it all down so it should just be a matter of pulling out said list and double checking list.

2- decide who I need to buy for still (or make for) and decide what to buy or make for each person.

3- stop buying stocking stuffers for kids and start looking for some for mom and dad and dh.

4- start buying the gifts that I end up deciding on in number two of this list. (love the lists!)


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I'm making a dishcloth, but it's a birthday, not a Christmas present. The back of my mother's vest is done, and I'm working up both front sides of the vest at once (with two balls of yarn and one circular needle). It has inset pockets that are knitted on but not sewn to the back of the vest yet. It's going well.

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Great job, Wendy...sounds like the vest is cooking right along. :-) I have my DH making dishcloths for the christmas craft show I want to do - it's one thing he's very secure in making.

Ginger, when I first started crocheting, DH watched and thought it looked interesting, then he asked me to teach him so he could help me get a bunch of stuff ready for a craft show that year. He's been crocheting ever since - when he's ready for a new stitch, I help him learn it. He's a perfectionist though, so it takes him awhile to feel like he has "mastered" a stitch. I recently made a list of things I wanted to have in inventory by the end of November to sell for christmas things, so he can pick what he wants to work on off that if he doesn't know what to do. I'm hoping to get him making scarves when fall comes. ;-)

As for me, I kind of got "paralyzed" just looking at all my projects, so I set it all aside for now to focus on crocheting myself a shrug from a magazine pattern I wanted to try. I need to list and prioritize my crocheted christmas gifts so I can work more efficiently, and not feel so overwhelmed. So I'll work on the shrug until it's done, and by then I'll have my gift list done and I will hopefully be able to work on presents again for awhile.

In fact, I think I will do that this afternoon - finalize my gift list for this year, and prioritize my crochet projects. I'm going on a day-trip with DH a week from Sat, and that could be a good time to work on some christmas projects while we're driving. :-)

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The bad thing about planning ahead so
My mother decided she wanted the vest (which I'm in the last finishing stages of) for her birthday next week. Plus, I gave a "stocking stuffer" away as an anniversary gift.

I think I'll quit thinking so far ahead. Now I have to start all over again!

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LOL Wendy - did you *tell* her you were making the vest for her? No one knows about my projects, aside from my hubby, so I don't have that problem. ;-)

But I can see what you mean - there's such a thing as being *too* organized, I suppose...

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Yes, I she knew about it in autumn of last year when I picked the pattern and she picked the yarn, which I had to order. She encouraged me to start it in February when she asked me, "have you started my vest yet?" Then, a week or so ago, I made the mistake of telling her I was almost done with it.

You are smart to keep your projects secret, Jamie, lol!

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