The evil clutter fairy doing her nightly

brugloverZ9June 24, 2008

I knew there was some reason that this kept happening to me and made me fearful to part with ANYTHING because of it. Now I know the reason!!

How many of you have been visited by her also?


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I have never missed anything except for my salad spinner. That is a real fear that you will need it again tho.

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I have that fear too except recently I am telling myself that it is not a good reason to keep stuff. Unless it is unreplaceable, I will just have to replace it with a new one. Gives me a good reason to shop for something new! That is a plus! :-))

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Bruglover, this made me laugh because I saw your post in Hayri's thread, saying the clutter fairy must have visited me my tatty ratty old toweling gown. I do know I have The Borrowers in the walls of my house, but the trouble with them is they do only take and use the useful things that we need LOL
And thanks for the hint about using a microfibre towel.. that'll be simply perfect for the hospital and afterwards.. They're quick drying too aren't they, so my hubby won't have to worry about washing musty towels. Such a great idea, and I hadn't thought of using these. I've been going to get myself one for years for using at the pool and on holidays, but never thought of it for pre and post surgery.
Grateful Lily

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Glad you got a laugh Lily...I like to laugh and make others laugh too. Being a former nurse, my medical stuff and ideas come out sometime. I am glad the microfibre towel idea was good for you. Yes, they are quick drying too. You'd better put your name on it in the hospital so that the "Hospital Borrowers" don't take and use it!

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I hope she doesn't visit my DH. I'm crossing my fingers!

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I bought a mattress in April and threw out the guarantee paper. What can happen to a mattress? Last last night one of the springs collapsed. Just like the new fence that blew apart last year. The installer refused to fix it without the receipt, so i had to call in someone else and pay $700 to fix it. Regrets,I've had a few. . .

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jannie, Sorry you didn't keep your guarantee for your mattress. That was a big loss money wise. I try and keep all the receipts for big items in a file. That just reminded me I think I forgot to send the guarantee in on my new bath tub.
I also,not happily, make copies when I send in for a rebate. That can really help if you don't get what you are supposed to recieve.

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It's happened to me. But years later it was, "gee, I could really, really use that......."

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I had a dream that I found a use for all of my unused, stored fabric from the days that I used to sew!
I had been thinking of giving it all away or at least most of it!
NOW, what do I do???

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I threw her out of my house along with the clutter. LOL

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dd50 -- I got rid of my salad spinner too -- it was dusty pink and didn't match my kitchen. Then, when we started harvesting lettuce from our garden, I realized we needed a spinner after all.

Well, what do you know, a friend found a virtually new OXO spinner for us at the thrift shop for less than $2. So I got a better quality spinner and a white one that matches my appliances.

DH and I remind each other when clearing out our clutter that it's OK to get rid of something that we *might* need again. We're learning to trust that our needs will be met at the time we need that item -- and that might include an unforeseen upgrade. In the mean time, we'll celebrate the space and serenity that less clutter brings.

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parrot are so fortunate to have a DH who doesn't mind getting rid of clutter. You are right too, may as well someone else use what we don't need now & it will always come to us one way or the other if & when we do ever need it again.
I liked how you put it too...celebrate the space and serenity that less clutter brings!

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Oi, fabric!!

My DH says that those of us who sew don't really sew - we just buy material.

And I'm sure you have all seen the bumper sticker that says, "She who dies with the most fabric, wins."

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bmom...Looks like fabric has a "hook" into you! Do you want to talk about it? I would love some ideas of what to do with it if I keep some and where to give it if I get rid of some! It is filling an entire drawer in a dresser, plus, plus, plus...:-)
When I think of getting rid of it, I think of my 4 young grandchildren who would love to make things with some of it. Maybe I should let them select what they would like and take it home with them. Their mothers are going to love me!! They are also trying to de-clutter!

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Hm "Fabric has a hook into you"
I have 39 sewing machines, does that count?

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Why cant I see the photo? I wanna see too...

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here she is along with some organizing tips.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What do you do with extra fabric thats quick and easy?
My grandchildren and sometimes their parents have noticed our game box. We have an old box. Put several holes in it and put a value on each hole. I made lots of bean bags. Toss in. We do it out on the patio.
cushions--different pieces sewn together with batting in between make nice outdoor cushions.

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My husband's grandmother died with an attic chock full of boxes of fabric (thousands of yards!). Some of it was mouse-eaten, but the rest was sold at a yard sale (mostly to the amish women) and lots were donated to the local animal shelter to use as blankets for the dogs and cats.

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