What a mess...

jennamaeJune 14, 2008

The addition on my house was just painted white, but the painters over-sprayed paint onto the brick main house. It looks so sloppy. Does anyone have a suggestion of what will remove the paint from the brick?


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Get the painters back in and make sure they use the 'right' stuff on it - ask at local hardware stores for whatever is 'right' for the job (and so if they're wrong, you'll have 'comeback' and not have lost more money).

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Circus Peanut

That's a tough task -- make sure you get the painters back to fix it themselves; that's definitely part of the job you hired them for!

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Anyone ever try Oops? I've had several people suggest it.

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Pressure washing is about the only way to remove paint from masonry.
You still have to be careful since it is possible to damage masonry with a pressure washer.

I can write my name in concrete with mine.

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The Oops failed.
A pressure washer will remove the patina that has aged for 130 years on the brick, then the rest of the house will look odd.
Please keep the ideas coming I am desperate and upset about this mess.

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Check with your city (don't know what dept.) or preservation group about what they recommend for graffetti removal. Then make your *$#@! painters use it - under close supervision!

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I wouldn't let them "fix" it if they were that bad to start with, ask for a discount instead. Why would you risk their incompetence messing up your patina? I had some guys like that try to use a pressure washer and they blew out the masonry joints between the bricks and carved lines in the wood deck.
I have had good success with an extra-strength paint stripper from the hardware store. I brushed it on the painted brick, let it work a while, then scrubbed off the mess with a wire brush. Then wash the residue off with the hose, NOT the pressure washer.
Try a small spot first to see how it affects the patina. And there are several strengths of this stuff, I had to use the industrial. Start with the weakest though.

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I'd try a wire brush.

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Get a professional removal service. Chemical is the best as it does the least harm to the brick. Never sandblast!

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Goof Off worked with a soft bristle brush and lots of elbow grease occasionally rinsing the surface with the garden hose.
The guys got all of the problem spots cleaned up.
Thanks to everyone for the input.

For anyone with this problem in the future, it should probably be noted that the paint was only on there for a few days.

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