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teaka123June 20, 2006

I've been looking at some of the different hobby carts out there for storing scissors, tape, glue, poster board, paints used for school and home projects. Any leads on a good one at a good price are welcome. I've seen some wood ones with six drawers and a small cabinet for about $109 that looks decent.

Cheers, Carol

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If the one you saw would really work for you, then I think that might be a good buy. I have one which has 12 drawer large enough to hold regular notebook paper. It's not terribly sturdy, but is working for now. The kids can just grab the drawer with the markers, etc. so we don't need separate baskets. We got it as Costco for $50.

Carts from teacher supply stores would be very sturdy. Not inexpensive, but if this will get a great deal of use it may be worth the investment.


Here is a link that might be useful: art supply carts

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Staples office supply store has rolling carts with drawers. I got a three-drawer cart. Top drawer is for pens, clips, little stuff. Middle and bottom for boxes of checks, giftwrap, storing tax returns. I think it cost $20 to $30.

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www.homedecorators.com has some wooden cabinets or carts w/ multiple shallow drawers; it's a pretty good company, I've ordered from them now and then w/ success.

Search for the terms "drawers" and "cart" together, and see what you get.

Here is a link that might be useful: one of their carts

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Thanks to each of your for your suggestions. I'll check out the sites you recommended. It is difficult to plan good storage areas for tape (masking, duct, scotch, double sided, and mailing) and for glue (sticks, elemers, super, rubber, spray adhesive and then the gun & sticks) let alone all the other basic supplies (hole punch, ruler, staper/staples, rubber bands, tacks, etc.). I'm in the process of moving and trying to have things well organized from the get-go of the move-in. Cheers, Carol

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teaka - you are so smart to be planning ahead! I know when I moved all I as thinking about was how the house would look, not how it would function. Doh! Congratulations on your move and good luck!

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I found a great one at www.ewins.com. It has 8 drawers and a storage cabinet. You do have to put it together but it wasn't to hard and it was solid wood, not compressed wood. I love it

Here is a link that might be useful: Ewins

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