Opinions of kitchen plan?

Robin GoodrichFebruary 15, 2013

What do you think of this kitchen plan? Is there anything you would change? I have been told the fridge and pantry are too far away from eachother but I'm not so sure I want to change it.

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What are the rooms surrounding the kitchen? Based on this pic, is there going to be a table in the nook area? I would want my frig closer to the nook then, but would need to see the rest of the floor plan.

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Robin Goodrich

We'll be making some changes but this is the basic idea.

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quick look =
1. I would move DW to the other side of the sink, so cleanup in not in the way of fridge/cooking.
2. I would put the appliance garage next to fridge, opening toward range so that it can be 24+ inches deep.

Or I would have 2:
- 1 next to fridge for toaster, blender, etc
- 1 next to pantry for coffee maker (accessible to sink), kitchenaid mixer,
also opening toward range, w/ false doors on the front

that's it for now.

good luck,

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I too would move the DW to the other side of the sink. IT makes it easier to load dishes/cutlery in from the nook area and keeps the clean-up area seperate from the prep area. It will also allow someone to help prep to the right of the sink like maybe prepping vegies and not being in the way of the DW.

If possible put a pull-out trash where the DW is currently located. It looks like your prep area will be between the fridge and range. Is that the plan?

The only problem I see with the pantry and fridge being so far apart is with unloading groceries. If you were to switch the pantry and fridge it will really throw off having a large prep space between the fridge and range.

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Robin Goodrich

Thank you for the suggestions! The one thing we did plan on changing was moving the dish washer to the other side, simply because I can't load dishes to the right. It feels awkward!

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