What's f0r dinner M0nday?

patti43February 18, 2013

Happy President's Day! We had t0 g0 0ut and ab0ut this aftern00n and g0t a late start--as usual. It was 30 degrees when I g0t up this m0rning but has warmed up nicely.

Y0u'll be happy t0 kn0w this will be the last day 0f "0's". St0pped at a little c0mputer repair sh0p up the r0ad t0 see if they might have used keyb0ards. They didn't but they did have brand new Dell keyb0ards and m0use f0r $15. Can't beat that! I was h0ping t0 get it h00ked up bef0re p0sting, but I had gr0ceries t0 put away.

Dinner t0night is a r0ast beef sub I g0t at the st0re. I just hate t0 have t0 c00k after running ar0und all aftern00n. I will make h0rseradish sauce, th0ugh.

H0pe y0u've all had a great day. What's f0r dinner at y0ur h0use?

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Hi Patti,
Gee, I've gotten kind of used to your zeroes. They make me smile every time I see them. I can see why you want them gone though LOL

We just finished breaded pork chops, mashed potatoes and a can of seasoned green beans. I have some apples that need to be used up so I'll make an apple crisp in a little while.

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When in doubt go to Golden Corral.
Sampled their melted cheese fountain and not impressed.

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I thawed a steak for DH~~~maybe rice or a yam will go with it and a steamed veggie and fresh fruit~~I am not sure what I will have but I think it will be Morning Star, Spicy Black Bean Burger, patties (2). I will not put them in bread, just eat them plain and same sides as DH~~I usually eat very plain, I find it easier to just have like 3 choices for my breakfast and lunches~~that way I do not over eat and do not have to think about it. Dinner is harder, but I am wrangling it in;) I do not do sauces or spices much and most times not even salad dressings. Have a lot less stomach troubles this way.

I am trying to get into Thai food~~you get different meat choices at these places and one is tofu;)

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Patti -- your "O"s make me picture a little bunny hopping!

Tonight's dinner (actually it was lunch/dinner): Meatball sub from Firehouse Subs. Yummy!

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Jasdip, using the 0 is a pain in the tush! Everything ends up l00king like a rans0m n0te :-) We are all 0ut 0f p0rk ch0ps, but have plenty 0f ribs and p0rk tenderl0in, s0 I'm n0t buying any. There were s0me beauties ab0ut 1" thick at the st0re t0day, but... Y0ur dinner s0unds delici0us, as usual!

Glenda, I try t0 steer clear 0f buffets. T00 many temptati0ns and the last time we went, I n0ticed m0st f the diners were really 0verweight. Hadn't n0ticed it bef0re. I d0 l0ve their breakfast buffet, th0ugh. Th0se h0t d0nuts that melt in y0ur m0uth are my d0wnfall. Scrambled eggs are great, t00! I can't eat it until ar0und 10 a.m. Bef0re that, breakfast is a turn 0ff f0r me!

Y0gaLady, I d0n't eat breakfast (I kn0w, I kn0w), but Harry's like y0u. He sticks with what he kn0ws. His breakfast is cereal, like Special K with a banana and f0ur cut up strawberries. The 0ther day I made cr0ckp0t 0atmeal with apples just s0 he c0uld have s0mething nice and warm f0r a change. It is really g00d! Wh0 knew? His lunch is c0ttage cheese with t0mat0, 0r peaches 0r an0ther fruit. Dinner is my j0b. Try t0 d0 0ne meatless meal a week, but that hasn't w0rked 0ut lately. G0tta get back in the gr00ve. 0ur meatless night is usually Michael Sim0n's pasta and neither 0f us miss the meat at all. It's yummy! Especially with garlic bread!

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I made a meatloaf, some mash.potatoes, and steamed some brussel sprouts.

Mom gave me a meatloaf pan that has an insert which you lift out at the end and most all of the grease goes to the bottom of the pan. I used 2lb.grd beef so it made a pretty good size meatloaf but I love meatloaf sandwiches.

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I'm a meat eater, so I tend to eat their southern fried fish, some rotissorie chicken, and seafood salad. Leave the breads alone, but eat the seafood salad with crackers. TRy most of the time to skip the dessert bar.

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Patti, how do you make the crock pot oatmeal/apples? Oatmeal is one of my 3 breakfast choices~~I put in dried cranberries and I use almond or coconut milk.

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I followed through with my plan from last night. I made spaghetti sauce today, and had it over whole wheat spaghetti. As I'm preparing the sauce, then later on cleaning up all the mess, I know why I only make it once or twice a year. It's good though, and I'll be able to freeze a lot of one serving packages (sauce only) so can make other things with it.


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Today was bridge day and I often don't feel like cooking when I get home. Since I'm already dressed nicely with make-up on etc. I generally ask DH if he'd like to go out to dinner. He's always game, I am not. It was so cold today, though, I really didn't even feel like going out to dinner. I was so lazy, I didn't even want to hit the freezer....but I did. I was reaching for a red bag of sauce, be it Manhattan clam chowder or spaghetti sauce. I wouldn't know until I got it out to read. In the process I had to grab a bag of frozen ravioli and that seemed to be a good idea, so that's what we had, ravioli and a tossed salad. I had some marinara sauce in the refrigerator so I mixed it in with some store-bought marinara. It was pretty good, and very easy.

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I was thinking about meatloaf, and I think I'll try doing a free-form loaf the next time I make it. It would cook faster and the grease wouldn't stay in the loaf pan.

Has anyone done a free-form? Either round, or patted into a loaf shape, then baked on a baking sheet.

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I always make meatloaf in a freeform shape. Bake it in a shallow dish and take it up on a platter as soon it comes out of the oven. Otherwise it sucks up the grease almost instantly. I like the crusty outside, baked freeform, that you can't get in a loaf pan. Most often I make 2 small ovals and use the second one for another meal,

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I picked up some fresh cod fish I will bake with a sprinkling of Panko., salad, fresh berries for dessert.

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Pammyfay, we 0nly ate 1/2 the sub, s0 we have lunch t0m0rr0w--n0t bad f0r $5.59--and the r0ast beef was rare and delici0us. Y0ur meatball sub s0unds great, t00!

0h, yum, Sch00lh0use, three 0f my fav0rites. We're definitely having Brussels spr0uts t0m0rr0w night. They were 0n t0night's menu.

Jasdip, I always d0 free f0rm meatl0af. I put it 0n a rack 0ver a f0il-lined c00kie sheet t0 help with the cleanup. I like the way they l00k--like my m0ther was in the kitchen.

Ge0rgysm0m, I call th0se days pancake days :-)

Shirley, the w0nderful smell fr0m y0ur kitchen is incentive en0ugh t0 make h0memade sauce. Glad y0u have plenty f0r later!

Y0gaLady, this is the recipe I used. I th0ught it might be t00 sweet, but it wasn't. Guess 1/3 c. br0wn sugar isn't much f0r 2 c. 0f 0ats. It makes a l0t, s0 0ne batch will last at least 3 days (m0re, if 0nly y0u are eating it). I


Throw 2 sliced apples, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour 2 cups of oatmeal and 4 cups of water on top. Do NOT stir. Cook overnight for 8-9 h0urs 0n l0w.

FYI Harry stays up later than me, s0 he added the water and turned it 0n at 11:30. I w0ke up ar0und 3 and checked it. It was beginning t0 bubble and I wish I'd stirred it then t0 blend the flav0rs a little m0re. He puts a little milk 0ver the t0p.

I kn0w what y0u mean ab0ut being a meat eater, Glenda. Me, t00. But fried f00ds d0n't agree with me much lately. Dr. Harry says I need my gall bladder 0ut--say WHAT??

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Jasdip, you're talking to the heart-shaped meatloaf lady. I always do free-form also. Although on Valentine's day I use a heart-shaped cake pan to shape it, but always remove and put in a 9 X 13 pan to bake. Generally my meat loaf is oval-shaped.

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I've never had a true meatloaf pan until Mom gave me one of her old ones today. Normally I would just form it into an oval shape and place it in the middle of my square Pryex casserole dish. I kind of like the loaf pan now.

For the topping I mixed honey and ketchup but forgot the bit of mustard I usually add; too late it was in the oven already. Anyway, the meatloaf turned out very good and was moist - not as heavy as usual.

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We were going to have salmon, but DH is working late & won't be home until 9pm. I decided to change plans & do something more simple. I've fixed a salad & am warming up soup & grilling sandwiches.

Patti, steamed Brussels sprouts were on my menu tonight with the salmon, so I guess we'll both be having them tomorrow night.

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Game change here~~~I had a salt free split pea/potato soup. I bought at Whole Foods~~it came in a carton and some Ancient Grains crackers. DH ate his left over pizza from last night~~~we are bad;)

Blah~~salt free is a bit ICK~~~I was licking the crackers before eating them;)

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