My Tudor dream

schoolhouse_gwJune 20, 2011

My dream house since I first saw it in my late teens. Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio, home of the Sieberling family. I'd have to post about five more photos to show you the entire outside of the house, front and back. I've been there many many times, but last weekend I brought along a camera.

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Very cool architecture- i'll bet it is impressive inside.

It does look a bit like a college dorm on the outside though!

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Nice. Folks know me as an MCM girl, but my first house was a little Tudor revival. I'm still a sucker for those picturesque 1920s-era houses. Tudor, Spanish Colonial, etc.

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Imagine heating that thing! 1000 gallons of oil per month maybe?

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Been there myself and it's amazing inside. The owner had a lot of high-tech things built in for the era. We went there to see the grounds and gardens. You could go to that place numerous times and still never see it all.

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calliope, have you ever done the Nooks and Crannies tours? They are great. I went on a couple when they were first offered, now they have the NC tours every day. $28 per adult, tho. I love the kitchen/cook's pantry/breakfast room/butler's pantry area. There are two doors, one off the kitchen and one off the cook's pantry(where they used to bring in all the fresh produce and where the refrigeration units/prep areas are). They've always been closed off to the public. This time I asked where those doors led, and a staff member told me one went to the servant's dining room and the other to the cook's room, but now both are part of an office area. Boo. I would have loved to have seen the dining room at least. I'm such an Upstairs Downstairs fan. ha.

The huge stove in the kitchen was set up to use coal, wood or gas.

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I dunno.........this has been years ago, but we even got to go into the wonderful walk-in showers used by the Mr. and Mrs. Had water jets coming out of the walls........Their own phone system and intercom back when nobody really had phones!

Saw the secret passageway where the mother could watch in on the kids without them knowing.

It was not cheap, whatever tour it was but well worth the money and we always meant to go back, perhaps some day. I'm a professional gardener and it was the grounds we were basically interested in, but also an old house nut, so glad we got to take in the architecture as well. What an amazing estate!

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I went with ladies from a local garden club, as a guest, this time. There were box lunches prepared for us, and we ate in front of the carriage house where they have tables set up now. There is also a cafe in half of what used to be the gift shop where the horse stalls still are (there are tables and booths inside the stalls now). Also this is the first time I went on an actual guided garden tour, normally I just do self-tour. It was great, you're given much more info.

Afterwards, some expressed an interest in touring the house, so the garden club president went to check on a special rate for our group. We were delighted when the management gave us complimentary tickets - free - for a self-guided tour of the house. Since I've been there so many times, I stayed on the lower floors.

The "secret passageway" is actually a window from her bedroom called a "chaperone's window", which she could see down into the Great Hall.

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Yes, you're right. It's been so many years it has become a bit muddled.....but I remember I laughed at the thought of spying.

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Great house - I'd love to tour it & the gardens.

Was it built new in the twenties or was it brought from England? We have several in Richmond VA that were parts of ancient manor houses that were dismantled, shipped, & rebuilt - all about the same time. They are similar & look to be about the size as Stan Hywet Hall.

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I thought I'd just post a link to the Stan Hywet Hall site in order to give you the best info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stan Hywet

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When I saw your title "My Tudor Dream", my first thought was..."well nothing can touch my Stan Hywet!" LOL. I toured the house while staying in Akron back in 1993 for a weekend while my boyfriend (at the time) went to Ohio Natl Guard Training. So, I was bored and took taxi's around to some city sites. It was a cloudy, rainy April weekday and there were very few tourists that day.

Stan Hywet took my breath away and thus began my love of Tudor style. Someday I hope to have one!!! This is on my bucket list.

S.H. has a really wide, long hallway that spans from the far left wing to the right wing of the house. It's all elegantly paneled. At the end of each hall are large glass, french doors. Off to the right side, the hallway continues outside with the 'tunnel of birch trees'. They planted the birch trees at an angle on each side, so they criss-cross each other, like swords. The birch tunnel takes you out to a stone pavillion that overlooks a cliff. It's all so stunning!!!!

One thing that amazed me about this house is that although it is so also feels homey. I could totally live in the house....if I could afford to.

There are so many wonderful things you could post about. Also, at that time (early 90's), one of the children of the home was still living on the premesis....I think she lived in what was once the Gatehouse up front.

Thanks for posting, schoolhouse!!!!

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kompy, I met Irene (the daughter)on June 16, 1993 when she was 103yrs.old. I was visiting Stan Hywet - again - for my birthday (which was actually in May), as I did every year for some years. As I was sitting on a bench, I saw a little lady walking briskly towards me on the main driveway from the lodge. She passed me, I just knew it had to be "her"; so I mustered all my courage and walked up to her to say hello. She was a little startled at first, but then I asked her if she was Irene; and she said yes. I told her I come every year for my birthday. Then she asked me when my birthday was. I told her May 2nd - and she answered "Why, that's MY birthday too! Well, hope you have a nice visit. Goodbye." and she turned and walked back the direction she came from. She was so tiny and petite. I wrote the incident down in an older tour guide I had "Met Irene Seiberling Harrison June 16, 1993, age 103." ha. Then in 1999, she died at age 108 according to her obit (which I also kept).

The birch alee' was the inspiration for my "hedge tunnel" 25yrs. ago! If only I could have planted it off a set of French doors, leading to a tea house. Sigh.

"There are so many things you could post about". Yes, don't get me started. :) Thanks for the shared interest.

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