Ikea PAX closet system

kraftdeeJune 22, 2008

Does anyone have any comments regarding IKEA PAX closet system?

I am considering it for my closet. Also, is it easy enough to install? Can it be reconfigured later? Or, at the least can doors be added later?

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We have the PAX in our master and we LOVE It! it looks very expensive but wasn't. It was about 1/3 of the cost of like California Closets. DH put it together and it took three days. He's pretty handy but it's a large closet. However, I did hear a lot of swear words coming from that closet for those three days. I would think that doors could be installed later. Not sure about reconfiguring though.
Here's picture, not easy to get a good picture of the closet as it's a weird shape.

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Very nice. Thanks for your reply! I'm glad to know you "love" it. I always get frustrated making IKEA products but it comes with the lower price. I'm going to get help for this project though...

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kraftdee...This is from consumers report...the price followed by the rating...they are not happy with the constructing of the Ikea. It got the lowest score.
It does look nice in the closet above though.

Closet organizers
1 Rubbermaid Configurations
$300 82.
2 Elfa (Container Store) Ventilated Shelving
550 80.
3 Schulte FreedomRail Closet
670 65.
4 ClosetMaid ShelfTrack & Completions
250 60.
5 Mill's Pride Closet Organizer
250 53.
6 Stanley Design Solutions
210 48.
7 Sauder Closits
450 47.
8 California Closets life:stuff:storage
470 45.
9 Ikea Stolmen
600 30.

Here is a link that might be useful: closet systems

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Ikea Stolmen is a different system than Ikea PAX. We got the Ikea PAX system for the guest bedroom. It wasn't too bad to put together and it seems very sturdy (especially after bolting the units together and to the wall).

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Anyone have the pant hanger or the plastic drawers.
DH has a bad back and I was thinking the plastic drawers are lighter vs the wood (which look much nicer). I'm leaning strongly toward the plastic --if anyone has had any bad experience with them, pls let me know. I'll be ordering very soon.

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We built two narrow freestanding Pax wardrobes for our bedroom (the room is so tiny that we literally could not fit a dresser in there at all!), and we love them. That being said, the plastic drawers seem to want to slide out of their tracks somewhat easily. And we only have socks, etc, in the drawers, so it can't be the weight of their contents that is pushing them out of place.

But we still absolutely adore our wardrobes. They make putting clothes away easy and almost fun! So I say go for it, just be prepared for the aforementioned cursing. :)

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thanks all. I just ordered my units. I did find out that the plastic drawers come right off the track...I guess they were designed for storage and mobility. The wood drawer and the wire baskets do not come off the track.
Also, the wire baskets come with plastic tracks which make the sliding open and closed not as smooth. The wood drawers are the smoothest to open and close. The pant hanger in the store display seemed to be pretty solid and easy to pull in and out so I will try them too. To figure shipping cost I bought 39" x 79" units are about 95 lbs, I believe the 20 X 79 are about 65 lbs. My shipping cost $124. I think it was a little much but there's no way I could have done it and the two guys who delivered unloaded all of it in about 10 mins.

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Realize this discussion is a bit old but we are in the process of putting together an Ikea Pax wardrobe. We selected this mainly because we really liked the cool sliding doors with aluminum frames and pale green frosted glass. Fortunately our GC's crew assembled that for us--I would NOT have wanted to attempt it. Unfortunately we chose the white laminate cabinets which have the basic cheapo look of much of Ikea's lower end furniture. The "birch" (although also laminate) would have looked much nicer, especially when used with the birch innards but our architect talked us out of that as the "birch" I originally wanted would clash with the other wood details in the bedroom (!!!). The painful part is that the price would have been exactly the same.

One other note: it's a bit of a pain putting together and installing the interior fittings (which we're doing ourselves) but I think it will be worth it once finished, and for the most part the cabinet is hidden when the doors are closed.

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BTW here's a photo of the wardrobe:

Note that you can see the outline of the cabinets through the glass. One other odd thing I forgot to mention: the largest cabinet they have is 39" wide. This means that for this size wardrobe, we had to use 3 cabinets and when either door is open all the way, only half of the middle cabinet is accessible.

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