Are Wall Sconces (shelves, not lights) Passe?

bbstxFebruary 21, 2014

We will be moving into the new house next week (provided I'm not in jail for doing bodily harm to the builder). I know that as I unpack, I will find at least 2 pair and 3 single wall sconces- total of 7 sconces. These are not lights. They are the little decorative shelves that were all the rage some years ago.

Of all the sconces I've bought, only one has ever been used. The others I bought when they were oh-so-very popular, but I never used them. The one that was used, was used to get my makeup mirror up to eye level in our tiny bathroom. That is not necessary in the new bathroom.

So, my question is, what do I do with these sconces? Ebay? Freecycle? Use them?

If the consensus is "use them," then the question is how? I've searched Houzz and Google images. Mostly, I found sconce light fixtures. Maybe I'm not the wall sconce type?

Edited to add:
found sconces on Houzz

Traditional Dining Room by Los Angeles Furniture & Accessories DesignersHouse

Suzanne Kasler at Things That Inspire

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Those are called "Corbels," not sconces. Sconces have lights on them.

I don't think they're passe' at all. I have two in my LR on each side of a small picture grouping. Both hold decorative plates.

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I have two from Worlds Away in my bedroom that are black tole painted. On one is displayed a pair of of porcelain birds and on the other a tall art glass vase. I wouldn't consider them passe but perhaps that is because their function is not simply to fill empty wall space, but to display beautiful and valuable objets d'art.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have two pair, but they are not on the walls anywhere...they're in my attic. Maybe someday I'll figure out where/how to use them...

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I see Annie and I are from the same corbel school! Mine resided in the attic until we sold our house.

Oakleyok and kwsl, can you give me the dimensions of your corbels and the dimensions of the objects displayed on them, please? I think proportion may be one of the issues that I don't seem to be able to conquer in order to use my corbels.

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Mine are 12" wide by 5" deep. The two birds are about 5"tall (each one) and no more than 2.5" wide, not including their tails. The base of the vase is about 3" and it is 16" tall and at its widest point at the top, 4.5 across.

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Here's one of mine. The other has a cow on it.

The corbel is 9" H x 7" W. I didn't measure the depth but it's around 5"

The plate is 8". The checks on the plate are red, but they look black. And if anyone has the matching sheep plate, I'll buy it from you. :)

I love the look of corbels in a room. I have a gallery wall in the room (all above beadboard), and this area with the corbels has only 5 pictures. It needed something to frame them with and corbels it was!

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Holly- Kay

I am so glad you posted this. I have a pair that I have had forever and displayed a small wreath on each one. I want to do something different on them so the ideas here will be a huge help!

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I don't think they can become passe, as they come in so many styles and are used so many ways!

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Would you call the 3 in the center of this pic corbels or shelves?

I would like to find something similar to this for my master bath. I would probably put remote control candles on one and bath salts on another.

This pic is from a retail display, however I think it would work in home decor as well.

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