Wish me luck!

jiggreenJune 21, 2010

We have put in a contract on a house built in 1814! Well, actually the main portion of the house was built in 1814 and was originally a tavern. The home was enlarged sometime in the early 1900's. I'm so excited, and a little nervous.....I am sure at some point in time I will wonder just what I've gotten myself into..lol!

Here's a few pictures

This first one shows the summer kitchen (my favorite part of the house!)

And this is the front. I just noticed that the spacing between the windows is uneven... the 3 windows the left are the original log structure/tavern, and the 2 windows on the right are the "addition"...I wanted to put shutters on, but the assymetry will probably drive me nuts. (ideas anyone?)

And this last picture shows a portion of the backyard, looking down towards house. The property is 2+ (parklike!) acres, and it's very difficult to get a shot showing it all.

If our offer goes through, I'm sure I'll be spending a LOT of time here on this forum, and I look forward to getting everyone's help and expertise!

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Now you'll have lots of space for your gardening obsession, and running room for your dogs, cats, bunnies (and opossum?)

As for the house, no quick moves. Certainly not inappropriate shutters.

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What a beautiful space! I love the house, and the lower shutters are great, but not sure about the uppers with the spacing. Can't wait to see inside and what ideas you have.
Good Luck!

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If you buy that house, I'd gently suggest you'll have a lot more important things to think about than the window spacing. Neat place though.


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Oh how I envy you! I just love old houses - especially super old ones (realizing all the work) and I have neighbors too close in this urban neighborhood and SO appreciate all that wonderful space you have!

Maybe this is a bad idea - I don't know - but I was just wondering if you could simply have the windows moved where they should be. It's not cheap but I'm guessing either was buying that house/property. I mean we have very little money (TMI) and were able to have our original attic windows removed and then we raised the window jams to be taller so that we could look out and see a bit more of the little bit of view we have. I no longer remember what we paid but it wasn't that bad - I'd remember if it was. The only problem is if there's a wall in there that prevents the windows from being moved over more, obviously. Moving an entire wall would be a lot more expensive, needless to say. But the symmetry thing would probably bug me, too. Another problem is that if you move the first set of windows over, what's left to the right? If you move all the windows into perfect spaces from left to right, that would leave a real "addition" look to the far-right having either no windows there where there would be on a colonial, or else odd-shaped windows to fit into that space, you know? I'm guessing you're not about to cut off the end of the house in the name of symmetry - haha. It might be best to just leave it all as it is and put a pretty dress on her. :)

If moving windows doesn't work, you're obviously left with either not putting shutters up, or putting them up regardless. It's hard to imagine if the shutters would call attention to the asymmetry or if they'd hide it better. Perhaps you could draw a picture of the house the way it is w/ as close to accurate proportions as you can get, make copies, or print out a few larger copies of a photo, and then you could draw on shutters yourself to see what they would look like? I think they would add a lot of charm - especially if you got some very old-style ones, appropriate for the period (whichever period you decide to go with!).

There's something to be said about having SUCH an old house that has an addition that is also so old. While being kind of awkward, it also sort of tells a story and isn't necessarily something you have to hide. At first, most people probably wouldn't notice the asymmetry but if someone does, seeing what you've done with it is what matters, you know?

Very exciting stuff!

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A wonderful house--but I really don't see a problem--the quirks of an old house with your history are part of the charm! You would have bought a tract house if you wanted it to be just like everyone else's.
If it were mine, I'd stay away from shutters, unless you make them operable and of the right size to actually cover the window when closed--that's the only way shutters ever look right.
My first changes would be to get rid of the aluminum storms--they aren't that great at insulation, and look horrible. Next would be removing the metal awnings from the side--an addition from the '4os which just looks horrible.
Please post pics of the inside when you get it--we'd love to see them!
Good luck!

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Those metal awnings are going to be the first things to come down, that's for sure!! As well as the two very overgrown bushes in the front of the house!!!!!!!

From what I understand....underneath the aluminum siding is german siding, underneath the german siding on the portion of house that used to be the tavern are the original logs....I'm considering removing all of the aluminum...exposing the german siding on the addition and removing the german siding on the tavern to expose the logs...that would put a line of delineation between the older and "newer" (I'm using the term newer loosely! lol!) section, and perhaps make the window spacing make more sense.

Of course, this is all predicated on whether or not our offer is accepted!!!!!! I'm still waiting to hear (but we did give them 2 days to respond) . Is no news good news or bad...ugggggggg ...I'm biting my nails! I just want so badly to have this house!

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Love the eyebrow windows on the summer kitchen. Built during the Greek Revival era sometime between 1814 & 1900????? I'd love to see the inside of it if your contract is accepted. BTW, the chimney looks very small for an old kitchen fireplace.

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