Look what's in my walls! Adobe!

lazy_gardensJune 13, 2014

Real mud!

Genuine adobe mud bricks, hiding behind a not-quite built-in armoire I removed so the wall patching could happen. The repair guys will fill any voids with more mud, let it dry, then plaster over it with lime plaster (the old style, real plaster).

There's a closet that must go too, with unknown horrors yet to be revealed.

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Oh how cool!

We just tore down layers of paneling and drywall to find the walls of the original section of our latest project are log. I am heartbroken I can't leave it exposed, but it's not possible.

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Circus Peanut

Lazy, where are you in the country? That's really fascinating. I bet those are some quiet walls!

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Central New Mexico. the house was built some time before 1885 ... we don't know exactly when, but it appears on an 1885 birds-eye view.

And yes, there's so much mass in the walls that it's an extremely quiet house. Nothing transmits through the walls.

And thermally efficient.

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Very cool! I'm in Santa Fe, but not fortunate enough to have any real adobe. Enjoy!!!

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The contractor made a hole in the back of the closet to see what he was getting into ... it's a plastered wall behind the sheetrock of the closet.

There's an odd bumpout, probably was a chimney support, that we're leaving. We can put a closet shelf unit there or shoes or something.

Apparently they just framed in the alcove to make the closet.

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