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chknbuttFebruary 14, 2013

We are doing a much needed kitchen redo, after wanting to repla e old yellow linoleum floor for 12 years finially getting too.. I am very excited but also getting frustrated with the floor decision....we are painting our existing cabnets white and are painting the walls an aqua color( the kitchen is between a yellow living room and a brite blue,ocean sigh, hallway. We mixed the colors to get one tht would go in both areas.). We have not decided on counter top yet ....the kitchen connects a dining room with real hardwood floors.(it is a small enterence). We have considered every type of flooring and my head is swimming. Had about decided on tile but then someone yesterday said grout staining would be a problem...also the last and perhaps biggest factor is we have six dogs, five large and one small old dog who likes to make the kitchen table and fridge :/ anyway I would really appreciate thoughts on this. Ank you all so much!

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I have tile. You can minimize the grout problem in a few ways. One is to use larger tiles, so there is less grout. Another is to use rectified tiles, which can be spaced closer together, so less grout. Another is to use dirt colored grout. I did this, using a medium gray grout with my slate-look tile. Grout can be sealed to resist staining. My contractor sealed mine for me. There are also special grouts that are inherently stain resistant - I think they have epoxy in them or something.

In any case, the main downside about tile is that it is hard and can be difficult to stand on for a long time. I got a couple of gel mats that I use when I need to be cooking for a long time. Tile can also be cold, although here in lake-effect snow country, we wear slippers most of the time, so cold floors don't bother us.

I only have one dog, but I love that indestructible tile floor.

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The other problem with tile is that if you drop something it is more likely to break than on a softer floor with more give like wood and things shatter. Also, if a tile gets chipped, you've got a problem.

But everything else has drawbacks, too. There is no perfect flooring.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'd look at a high end vinyl...very durable, easy to clean and it comes in a variety of looks...wood to stone or tile....

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Six large doggies? I agree with Annie. How about Marmoleum?

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Thank you all for your input! We are in the process of painting the cabinets now...I think we have narrowed down to some type of tile after much thought. As Marcia59 said everything has draw backs but I think with six pups the tile will hold up the best. I will definitely get a couple gel Matt's, I hadn't thought of that for cooking and clean-up. We are deciding between a wood look tile, pure white tile,or a off white/very lite gray tile. We are waiting to see how they all look with the newly painted cabinets once we are finished. Any thoughts on the wood look for tiles...I was a little worried it mite look too fake. ESP since the kitchen has a hall way connection to dining room in real wood. Thanks again for your help.

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The wood look tiles would be a great option for you. I suggested these (with image) to someone else the other day, who rejected them because he was uninterested in hardwood.

Badum pum.

They are porcelain. The link below will take you to an earlier post on the flooring forum. Yep, we have a flooring forum too. This is swtsae's handiwork.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood

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We went through a similar conundrum - only one dog, but a wheelchair that tracks all kinds of dirt and guk (and salt and sand - we're from the cold) all through the house. We ended up with porcelain tile for its durability. The grout is sealed, but I still have to clean it about once every 4-6 months. It cleans easily enough, but it's still a bit of a pain to do. Having said that, it is super easy to clean on a daily basis, and doesn't scratch or dent, which is what we needed. I don't notice that it's hard on my body for long sessions, but I am eyeing a gel mat...

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