Slightly OT...Favorite Candles?

aktillery9February 2, 2014

I used to have a few favorite go to candles that are no longer available. Renuzit used to make a great sandalwood and eucalyptus candle but they do not anymore. So sad! I also had a Better Homes candle I liked but they do not make them anymore either.

I have some gift certificates from Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon and thought I would buy some candles. However, I have no idea if they would smell good or be strong enough to fill a wide open space.

Does anyone have any faves they love? Would love to hear the brand and fragrance!

Thanks so much!

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Amy, I've heard Yankee candles are good. I often buy them as gifts. I thought I'd add a cautionary note, 'tho--scented candles, like air fresheners, carpet powders, spray cleaners, Febeeze etc. are a source of VOC's and are bad for those with asthma, COPD etc. In fact, they can actually cause asthma! Wild, huh? Children & pets are especially vulnerable--it kills me to see commercials where women spray Febreeze with abandon on their sofas & pet beds! I always rolled my eyes at this until my nephew's asthma disappeared when my sister got rid of all the sprays & cleaning products under her sink. She makes her own cleaners from vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda etc.

So use scented candles sparingly, & check if your guests have respiratory issues or allergies b4 lighting up!

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I have asthma and use YC's all the time. No problem. But I use them in large spaces.

They've been having great sales since Jan. 1st so I was able to stock up again. Their prices have gotten ridiculous though which is why I only shop sales.

I've tried almost all scented candles and always go back to Yankee. I don't know if Amazon sells YC's, but if they do I'd buy some, but check the ratings first for the throw of the scent.

YC's tarts are wonderful! Great for a kitchen if you have a cat nearby, because the tart holder can be turned where no flame can be exposed to a cat. The tarts (wax melts) scent large areas too.

One of my candles came with the glass completely busted off the candle. I called YC (they replaced it) and she told me to shave some of the candle and use it in my tart warmer. 5 stars!

Always go by the ratings before you buy though, or you can get a candle that's a dud, no matter the brand.

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Thanks for the info Baroo!

Oakley, I just bought a large YC jar in eucalyptus.

Hope I love it as much as my previous eucalyptus candle!!


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You've raised a great point Oakleyok! A scented candle in the great room isn't as problematic as one in a powder room. Every individual's different and the VOC thing is largely cumulative--one scented candle won't cause problems but combined with use (or overuse) of other products, or for those especially sensitive, they become problematic.

Sorry if I sounded preachy or know-it-all : ) I have lung damage due to smoke inhalation (accidental, not cigerettes, lol!) and I guess I'm turning into one of those tedious crusaders who took their health for granted, but now wants everyone ELSE to be careful!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I struggle to go into a YC store as the fragrances are so overpowering that I get almost an instant headache.

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Found it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Yankee Candle Sun & Sand

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Oops, my first comment didn't get posted. I often forget that third click! I was recommending Yankee Candle.

Not easy being a dim bulb!

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I tried YC's for awhile, but was never really impressed with them. My daughter gave me a candle from Bath and Body Works and I loved it. I have purchased BBW's since then. Their quality blows YC off the charts for me. Always purchase them on sale, which they have often.

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Tibrix, what does sun and sand smell like? I love sandalwood and earthy smells, but not sweet smells.

Thanks for the link!!

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You are not being preachy. I suffer from scent sensitivity. I am not sure if it is getting worse or scents are getting stronger. I can never even walk by the Yankee candle store in the mall. It gives me an instant migraine. I don't use fragrance based products and had the hardest time finding shampoos. I do use candles but they are terribly expensive, made from soy and use wooden wicks. I use them sparingly.

Good luck!

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Hi Amy,

I'm not a fan of scented candles and only use unscented myself. But a friend/client of mine, who had a house built on a bluff on Cape Cod, had some YC Sand & Sun air freshener in her guest bath. I gave it a squirt and was wow'd by the scent. Read the reviews on the BB&B link I gave. It really does smell like you're at the beach. It's a fresh smell, not floral or anything like that. The reviewers who wrote that the scent brought them back to their childhoods at the beach, that is the kind of smell it is. I can see how it could do that. It's kind of a suntan lotion, sand, salt airâ¦I don't does one describe scents? You can always buy a small votive candle first to see if you like the scent. I will say this, though: Anyone who loves the beach will likely love this scent. It's more along the lines of a soapy/clean scent. Does that make sense?

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I too am overpowered by scents all together like the YC or any others in a store. But I do love a few individual scents, sparingly. My favorite candles are Nouvelle though. They are small and spendy so I don't use them often. I keep a couple in the kitchen to burn when I am cooking something with a strong odor. And I also use the scented sticks on occasion in a favorite scent (lime, basil, mandarin) by Jo Malone.

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Diptyque Fig. A houseguest gave me one once. I don't usually care for scented candles, but I really like this one.

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I have asthma and cannot tolerate Yankee candles. I use Tyler, but I have to be very select as to which one of theirs I use. My favorite is the original Tyler; second is Connoisseur. I believe they have a soy base. They are also made in the USA.

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are made by Slatkin and there is one that I loved that they sold, but Elton John bought the formula for it and has renamed it and now I don't recall what it was nor know what he is calling it or if the formula is the same and identical.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

As I have become more and more interested in perfumes, I've given up candles for fragrance, preferring perfumes I like better than any candle and I don't have the fire/soot hassle.

Ok, there is one candle I adore- bitter orange and cedar by Thymes but it's expensive.

Instead, I spray perfumes I love on linens and some have amazing silage. In the bathroom, Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose lasts several days and is wildly inexpensive but so beautiful.
Aromatics Elixir lasts a week or more and is better than any candle anywhere.
I have perfumes that don't work well with my chemistry but are great room fresheners.

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I find Pier 1 candles are generally of good quality. I prefer unscented.

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I live the lollia no. 48 candle sleeping under the stars. Great scent.

According to the website:
Top Notes: Bamboo Petal, Bergamot, Dewy Water Lily
Middle Notes: Blue Water Lotus, White Freesia
Bottom Notes: White Patchouli, Beachwood, Sheer Musk

The patchouli is not noticeable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candle

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I only use Thyme's Frazier Fir scented candles, and I use them year round. I don't like any other scent. For candles in holders I use Root brand candles, carried by our local florist and superior in terms of color saturation, drip (practically none) and appearance.

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I have a Blithe & Bonney candle that I got at a little boutique down the street - Tuberose Orange Blossom - it smells so good - I love scented candles. I really like Archipelago's Bergamot Tobacco candle too.

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Thyme's is a superior candle and the scents aren't overwhelming but delicate and complex. I love the Frasier fir at Xmas and all of their others the rest of the year. I've tried them all. They last double the time as a Yankee candle. You can't go wrong.

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You guys are the best! Thanks for all the suggestions!


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Bumblebeez, have you tried Bath & Body Work's "Sleep?" It's a mixture of lavender and vanilla and you spray it on your bedding at night. I love it so much I bought the body lotion and body mist. I describe it as a quiet scent.

I don't use it all at the same time though.

I think it's in their "Aromatherapy" section.

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Holly- Kay

I am so sickened by scented candles that I can't bear to walk by the YC store at our mall. My DD laughs at me but I really can't tolerate the intensity of the smell. I love perfume but use it very sparingly as I worry about others having a sensitivity towards it. I love clean scented perfumes. Dolce and Gabbana Light blue is my favorite.

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I use to love scented candles, including some of YC, but for some years now have been concerned over the chemical release from burning, and now seldom burn candles although I have some unscented all beeswax candles should I want to on occasion. From what I understand soy candles are all made from GMO soy pesticide-laden beans and the process includes significant chemical processes.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Oakley, I'll sniff it next time I'm in there! I do spritz myself with perfume before going to bed though. I love smelling something wonderful all night.

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Parks of London. For candlesticks I use Root, its local and of excellent quality and variety.

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Yankee Candle Sun and Sands smells just like Coppertone suntan lotion and beach of years it!

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I switched to LED candles. I know it's terrible, but it gives us piece of mind after almost starting a fire with a real candle.

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Bumble, I do the same! What's nice about the "Sleep," it's mild enough to spray on your pillow and not make you cough.

This morning I received my hand soaps from B&BW and I had forgotten I got a free candle with my order. It has 3 wicks. I'll burn it today and see how the throw is.

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Sorry to burst the bubble of the natural beeswax candle fans: Take it from a beekeeper, virtually all the beeswax on the market today is contaminated with agricultural pesticide residues. And that's just the US beeswax. Stuff imported from Asia is really problematic.

It comes either from pesticides put in the hive by beekeepers to try to suppress varroa mites and diseases or from agricultural pesticides that the bees themselves bring in when they bring in pollen and dust from their foraging.

Beeswax straight from a hive has lots of stuff in it. Most of the non-wax solids, coccoons, dead bee parts, etc. is removed when it is rendered. (What's left after the cleaned beeswax is separated out is called "slumgum" - a great Scrabble word!) But many of these pesticide chemicals are lipophyllic, meaning that they enter - and stay - in the beeswax, permanently. They are not removed by the melting, straining and bleaching that takes the hive product and makes it into beeswax cakes.

It's a big issue these days in the beekeeping world, because beekeepers recycle cleaned wax as base layers for new honey comb, year after year. It is now being learned that over time the chemicals are building up in the wax, and are believed to be causing some of the problems affecting bees right now.

Something to think about it, as well, if you are using beeswax and mineral oil on your soapstone or wood counters.


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I use table lamps instead of candles. Although I like candle but just for decoration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorating Tips

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Well, I can vouch for the 3-wick candle from B&BW. Just as good if not better than Yankee. The throw is much larger. It could be this particular scent though...Eucalyptus (sp.) Minty..they picked out the scent.

I did notice it burns much faster because of the 3 wicks, so it definitely won't last as long as a one wick candle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good candle Good throw

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For my taste, I prefer the jar style of the B&BW , straight up and down, wider opening, more modern classic: though I noticed that Yankee has a few of what they call "tumbler" style jar, different than their usual country style jar with the thick lid.

I know it's all about the scent but the jar style has a lot of importance for me.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Very interesting Lirio!

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I just wanted to follow up on my Yankee Candle purchase. I bought the eucalyptus scent. I love it! Not at all over powering. Yet it has a pretty nice throw.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and suggestions!


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