What's for dinner Friday?

patti43February 1, 2013

We did our dreaded grocery shopping today. Went to Publix since they had better deals this week than Winn-Dixie. What a mistake. That store is so crowded and the parking lot is always packed. I wish people wouldn't leave their carts and go wandering off clear up to the other end of the aisle. Spent most of my time just waiting to go up and down aisles due to traffic and forgotten carts. Aarrgghh! OK, rant over.

Since we just got everything in the house and put away, tonight we're having melty Brie with grapes and pear slices. Publix does have wonderful produce.

Been cold all day--32 when I got up--and it looks like we will have about 4 days of this. Hopefully our last cold of the season!

Hope you've had a good day! What's for dinner at your house?

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Cold here and I've got down slippers on right now.

Back to The Diplomat for their yummy bowl of chili. Just right!

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I think the high today was 18. It is down to 17 now. I bought a manual pasta roller and cutter at Meijer yesterday and so today I spent the day making noodles to freeze. They are drying now and tomorrow I will bag them up and freeze them. For supper we are having chili soup and crackers. Iced tea to drink and caramel cake for dessert if he wants.

Sue in Central Indiana

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When I got home last night I asked DH about his dinner. He didn't see the potato salad in the refrigerator. This is the same man every time I have company and buy special ingredients, even when I hide them (like sour cream or cream cheese or a block of cheddar) he finds them and eats them and I have to go back to the store for more. So, tonight we are having the steak, potato salad and some greens. I really don't care for London broil that much maybe I will just finish off the mushroom soup.

It is really cold and windy here, too.

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Homemade noodles sounds just right to me.

I had leftover soup from last night. Then I made my version of a Manhattan. Used leftover chicken breast on half a slice of bread, and covered it with chicken gravy.

Wow, that is cold for FL. We've been about 14 to 15 all day. To get down to 6 tonight.


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After a few hours of snow this morning, sun came out, temps went up, snow melted. Turned out to be a beautiful day.

Dinner was cheeseburgers on English muffins, broccoli, applesauce, and a new mac & cheese recipe I wanted to try. The mac & cheese was one where you toss everything into the crockpot, and just let it go for about 3-4 hours. Not generally a big slow-cooker fan, but this recipe was pretty good

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Glenda and Sue, wish I'd thought of chili this morning. Chili on a chilly day is so good. Glad you found a good restaurant chili, Glenda. It's usually either too bland or too hot for me.

Sue, I should make noodles and freeze them. I usually make them, cut them and let them to completely dry and then keep them in a Mason jar in the pantry. They last pretty well that way, too.

I had to laugh, Georgysmom because Harry is the very same way. Now I just tell him not to eat xxxx because it's for yyyy. We're having potato salad Sunday.

Shirley, all that gravy talk yesterday at Lindalou's post, made us all wanting gravy, I think. You make me feel guilty even mentioning 32 degrees when a lot of you are so very much colder. I had our heat set on 68 last night and I heard the heat come on a lot! I wish we'd get a good rain here.

Azzalea, I never thought of putting a burger on English muffins, but it sure sounds good. I love my crockpot for the very reason you said. Just toss everything in and let it go. Tonight I'm making oatmeal in mine so Harry can have it for breakfast. It's so simple, just 2 sliced apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and oatmeal. Cook overnight and voila--breakfast! Crockpot corned beef is the only way I make it. Turns out perfect every time. There are lots of recipes out there that don't call for processed foods and the ones I've tried have all been very good.

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Dh and I spent the whole day doing some much needed house cleaning. As our dinner hour neared, Dh suggested a quick and easy meal. So oatmeal with a sprinkling of cinnamom and cloves and topped with some crystalized ginger is what pleased us both. Thawed and heated a couple lemon scones to go with it. Needless to say, dh's blood sugar will be sky high for the evening.

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I have been decluttering and cleaning the upstairs for 3 days. I even did base boards~~~why do we gotta have baseboards??? The back of my van is full for the thrift store.

Since I shopped yesterday, I planned roast beef sandwiches for DH and avacodo/cheese for me. I bought potato salad and cole slaw~~I get it at Sprouts and it is good;) I will slice up a red pear for us;)

I am tired~~~

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Patti--I hate to buy burger buns for just the 2 of us, but usually have some Eng. muffins in the freezer, so that's often what I use for burgers--they're round, it works, and saves all those leftover buns--LOL

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Mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy, roasted sweet potaoes. Made way too much, of course, so I will be eating that for a while!

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Gazania, bet that oatmeal made your house smell really good--like cookies baking! I was going to make Harry crockpot oatmeal after dinner this evening. It cooks overnight, but I only had a little dab of old-fashioned oatmeal. Why in the world anyone would save that little amount is beyond me. So, no oatmeal tomorrow. Your lemon scones sound to die for!

YogaLady, no wonder you're tired. I've had it in my mind to do the same thing--starting with the walk-in closet. I'm moving us into the spare room while I do it. Harry goes back to bed after breakfast and usually sleeps until noon, so I don't get much done in there.

Good planning for your meals while you're busy cleaning. Do you grill your avocado/cheese sandwich? They had lite Havarti cheese on sale today and that sounds like it would be good. I have 3 avocadoes I need to use pretty soon.

It's a great idea, Azzalea. We happen to have buns in the freezer right now, but I really think I'd like the English muffin better.

Phyllis, you can never have too much gravy!! Your dinner sounds delicious. I've never made hamburger gravy--just sausage or dried beef. I'm going to have to try it soon. With the leftovers, you could put some peas or vegetables of your choice in with the gravy and top with mashed potatoes and sprinkle cheese on top, like a shepherd's pie. Hope you are staying warm!

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