Just wanted to let you know...

marylizJune 24, 2008

Recently, it has become a royal pain for me to log in to GardenWeb in order to post my comments. Other GardenWeb members have reported this problem in the past. I guess it is my turn.

Also, I am preparing to be on vacation until July 6th.

If you don't hear from me, that is why. I love chattin' with y'all. Keep up the good work, everyone!


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I don't have to log in each time I come on...I must have clicked on something that says "keep me logged in on this computer" or something similar. Have you done that?
Have a good vacation...my favorite time to collect papers and stuff to add to my home! I love to impulse shop!

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Ditto, I clicked on something on the log in page that keeps me logged in on my personal computer. Love that feature! Have a wonderful time on your vacation, so glad you're going to be un-plugged! Never did understand taking electronics on vacation!

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I stay logged in even after I click the box. I keep coming back to the log-in page, as if I never entered my info, when I use my usual web browser, Firefox. So I switch to Internet Explorer, which runs slower on my machine, but at least I can post this way. It's a pain. I'm on $10/month dial-up in the boondocks. Can't get a faster connection, unless I go with $60/month wireless. A newer computer would help. I really only need the internet for Google searches and e-mail and a few online communties. I'd rather be patient than spend a lot more money. I hope my login problem goes away soon. Then I'll be happy again.

I'm almost ready to blow town. I have my hand sewing project prepped. For reading, I have a book about encouraging beneficial insects in the garden with native plants. Can't wait to start reading that one. Time to pack. Gonna bring my swim suit and my hiking boots. I'll say "hi" after I get back!


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I meant to type, "I CAN'T stay logged in."


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I figured it out as I was falling asleep last night. Duh! It was the cookies. I had deleted all of them, and then didn't accept the correct ones next time I tried to log in. I think it's sleep deprivation. But it's fixed. I'm too busy to stick around for long. Gotta big week ahead of me. Later!


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