What's for dinner Friday?

patti43February 8, 2013

I'm trying a new crockpot recipe tonight. It's Hawaiian meatballs over rice and if it's any good, I'll let you know later. Having fresh green beans with it and maybe some crusty rolls if I have some in the freezer.

To our friends in the NE, please be careful if you're in the blizzard area. Looks like it's going to be one heck of a weekend! Let us know how much snow you are getting.

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Would've been nice if I'd ask you what YOU were having for dinner!!??

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Jason's Deli for a single serving of tuna salad, crackers and ample serving of their mixed nuts.

Friend was dining there, so we sat together and chatted an hour away.

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Glenda, now that's a nice idea to offer mixed nuts. Have to say I've never seen that before, but I sure like the idea.

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Your dinner sounds good, Patti. I hope you're not disappointed. I have got to start using my crock post. I never use it for cooking a meal, just for keeping things warm. Last night I didn't feel like cooking the fish. I thought I might finish off the second half of my sandwich but DH saw the box in the fridge and of course I said I brought it home for him. LOL
Actually, I did bring it home for him but thought about changing my mind. Last night I wound up making myself an egg so tonight I will have the fish and broccoli.

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Breakfast!! Pancakes, ham and an over easy egg. Tasted really good on a cold/windy evening.

I hope your meatballs/rice turns out good.

I'm hoping and praying that our friends in the NE stay safe and warm. I remember us getting 17" in about 12 hours way back in the late 70s. It took days for them to plow out the roads. Luckily we had a fireplace for heat.


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Luncheon leftovers!
Chicken salad, baked tomato with goat cheese and feta, roasted asparagus and a rosemary, pear and asiago cheese scone. I will stay away from the cookies and lemon mousse.

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I hope your dinner is as good as it sounds Patti!!

I browned some pork chops and simmered them in an orange juice/brown sugar/ginger glaze. Served with mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. I'm munching on a digestive cookie for dessert.

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I fried myself a big cheeseburger and put onions and mustard on it. Hadn't had one in a long time, tasted mighty good. Then some cherry/lemon sherbet for dessert.

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Navy beans and ham.

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I had some of the New Years Black-eyed Pea Soup from the freezer. Also made the Broccoli Onion Cornbread. Makes a scrumptious meal. For dessert, a DGD'S cream puff. Double yummy!


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Reporting on dinner. It was okay. I thought it was a little sweet. Also the sauce didn't thicken so at the last minute I had to separate the liquid from the rest of it and put it in a pan and add more cornstarch to thicken it. It was a PITA! Probably won't be making it again any time soon. (Of course, Harry liked it--but then--well, you know.)

Georgysmom, I think that's what we'll have for dinner tomorrow. We just got some fresh cod and it's so good baked.

Shirley, pancakes are always a favorite around here. I use Krusteaz mix--just add water. First time I used the mix Harry said they were the best pancakes he ever ate. No my feelings weren't hurt--too much, sniff! Hey, they're easy anyway.

Wozzer, Hounds! That was quite a luncheon. Now if you aren't going to eat that mousse, would you mind passing it over my way? Yum!

Jasdip, how is your weather? Are you getting any of the effects of the big blizzard that's supposed to hit our east coast? Your dinner sounds delicious and I bet the plates were pretty, too.

Schoolhouse, oh yum! Your description had me drooling. That sherbet sure sounds good. I've never seen it but I bet it's refreshing.

Sue, a good dinner for a cold winter's night. Best part is it only gets better with age. (Sort of like us, huh?)

Sue VA, you're so lucky to have a GD so talented. Those are just beautiful and I would've devoured both of them before I even thought about eating dinner :-)

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15-bean soup (leftovers from last night) and sandwiches.

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Sue VA...I'm trying to be so good and you are not helping at all! Those cream puffs look so good I would have gladly given up my fish and eaten just them. The last time I made them (about a year ago) it occurred to me that I would not be able to make them much longer. My hands have lost a lot of strength and you really need to beat that batter.

Patti, so sorry your dinner was not as expected, but how would we know if we didn't try new things. It's the only thing that keeps me cooking. Right now, I'm on sabbatical, though until the end of March.

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SO was supposed to cook something tonight-he did-couldnt eat it-so dinner tonight was zeerrooo ;)

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I grilled some hotdogs and had them in buns. Also had a tossed salad.

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Patti, about those cream puffs. Actually that picture was made when she was first trying to make them at and for the shop, so they look a little ragged, but they are simply delicious. She is about 45 minutes away from me, and I don't drive that way alone any more. Which is probably a good thing! I need to tell her to make a better picture though.

Shirley, I know, I know. I haven't made cream puffs for a long time. Just a few days ago I took all my baking pans, except for the muffins and an 8x8, and put them on a shelf in the garage. I used to be the cake, cookies and pie maker in the family, but no more. Can't do it any more, and I "feel your pain."

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