How much should 7 feet of cabinets w/ counter & back splash cost?

caveman_mikeFebruary 22, 2013

I know it's really hard to say, and could vary if I got really fancy components, but how much should this project cost:

7 feet of new lower & upper cabinets (filling out the entire 7 feet), with quartz counter & maybe a corian back spash?

The ball-park linear feet estimates provided in my previous quartz question was really helpful.

The one quote I got so far was about $13,000 for the 7 feet ($1,850 per linear feet).

I'm adding this to an empty wall where there is nothing (no walls to take down or build): just mount to the wall and install the counter & back splash.

I live in a high rise in Philadelphia.

Note: I'm looking for medium quality (I don't want something that will fall apart in 3 years), but don't need solid oak cabinets, etc.

Though the initial quote was for Cambria, I'm open to cheaper brands. I think even the cheapest quartz would be better than getting a new 7 year chunk of formica to match the 10 year old formica on the other side of the kitchen.

Many Thanks!


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if the run is captured on both ends with wall so you don't even see the sides I'd do ready to assemble or Ikea in a heartbeat[get alternative doors from Scherrs for an upgrade]....once you upgrade to quartz.the formica is going to stand out as"that older stuff"....with DIY cabs and money saved ,why not upgrade the formica to match what you are doing. Your quote seems high and then you have the old section like a sore thumb.

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This question is way too hard to answer. There are way too many variables. You should really seek out a cabinet dealer and explain to them what you are looking for in terms of quality and budget. A good starting place might be home depot because they do it all. You don't necessarily have to use them but you can get an idea on their pricing.

As for counters, is there a reason you are fixated on quartz? There are tons of alternatives to quartz or formica. You can get lots of different kinds of granites that are less expensive than quartz. Also why do you want a corian backsplash with quartz counters, that is a bit of a strange combo. Are you open to corian counters?

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That seems a bit high, but it has a number of parts and you mentioned a high rise. I suspect dealing with that adds something to your installation (parking, elevators, permits and such will add time and therefore money) and some dealers may mark it up more just because its a high rise and they figure the market will bear it. Another issue is that you are probably dealing with job minimums for multiple contractors -- carpentry, counter fabrication and installation and backsplash -- not sure if your counter folks would do that also since it's not tile (why are you looking at two different solid surfaces instead of two more different surfaces or using the same for counter and splash? Do you need a splash if there is not water source?)

If this is something that isn't going to match existing cabinetry nearby, have you considered using a large piece of furniture> Large armoires, china cabinets and entertainment centers are pretty easy to find online and in resale shops. You can even combine furniture smaller pieces and add a counter top -- and look for remnants of granite, marble or soapstone, even recycled pieces at antique stores or architectural salvage yards. If you are willing to put in some time and patience, you could have something unique, something that could stay with the place or morve with you, and do it for a whole lot less.

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Here's my existing kitchen:

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And I'm trying to get rid of this piece of furniture and have a 7 foot wide floor to ceiling cabinets with counter work surface

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Since I don't know anything about kitchens or surfaces, I picked quartz based on being told that granite can out gas radon and needs annual sealing (totally not acceptable), and quartz is very durable and doesn't absorb odors, food or stains.

The reason I picked corian back splash is I hate grout so it seemed that tile would be out.

The new 7 foot section will not have a sink, but who knows: I might do food prep (vitamix) smoothie making so I did want a back splash.

Since I already have 2 wall papers going on, I wanted to keep the bask spashed for each side the same.

Is there a better surface for a back splash?

The guy wanted $4,000 for corian back splashes which seemed really high.

I very much appreciate any thoughts you could share.

This kitchen thing is a bit overwhelming with so many decisions.

I don't have a showplace fancy kitchen so I don't need to go top-of-the-line, but I would like durable & functional.



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Oh, and I'd like to match the white cabinets as best possible, so I didn't want to do a stainless steel table from ikea,

and, I wanted to go fully up to the top of the ceiling with cabinets. I really want to maximize storage since I live in the city and space is at a premium.


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I think that area is designed for a small table with 2 chairs for an eat in kitchen setup.A worktable as a freestanding piece would be the best bet-you can find long narrow ones. or get the legs from a cabinet line and do your own top. No electrical there it appears-i wouldn't spend the price you are thinking to just do that wall.If anything-upgrade the upper cabs you have with new glass doors or all new uppers and a counter/ backsplash /sink/faucet/with the heavier part of the budget and if you don't want /need the worktable route,get butcher block for a 12 or 15 in ledge running for 5 ft .

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You say it's "simple" and then list a bunch of extras like to the ceiling custom matched cabinets and quartz counters. With all of the upgrades you are talking, 7-15K would be a rough ballpark. And you are all over the map when it comes to mixing materials and upgrades.

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You're all over the place. I really think you need to do some research regarding what you want and what products are out there. This isn't a big job, but you will be spending a not insignificant amount of money so you shoud put some time into educating yourself.

Offtopic, but does your fridge jut in front of the doorway?

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Yes, the fridge is a few inches into the doorway.

As for me being all over the play: yes, I am: that is correct.

I'm just trying to get a ball park idea of cost to figure out what to research. If I can't afford a fancy counter, I won't go down that path. Based on the initial quote of $10,000 for the counters, I kind of ruled that out. However, based on the great answers from the other thread, I'm going to investigate further.


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I think you're sorta jumping around too much by getting random quotes and using those to eliminate ideas. First you have to set a budget. Figure out exactly what you are willing to spend. Then it might be a good idea to go to home depot or some other all in one kitchen remodeling place and tell them what your budget it and what you hope to accomplish. They will be able to give you a preliminary idea of what can be done for a certain cost. Then you should refine your plan and seek out individual suppliers yourself to see if you can save money or get better product for the same amount of money.

Remodeling a kitchen is hard work and requires a lot of time spent figuring out what you want and researching your options to get it. Figure out what you want, create a list and get multiple quotes for the exact same items so you can compare them.

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I did this, except for the backsplash.

7 feet of cabinets, uppers and lowers from Scherrs with maple shaker doors/ 3 drawers in one base cabinet was $2,200. The counter should cost about $1,000. A solid backsplash, I don't know, but I'd guess at $1,000 also.

The only thing is I installed the cabinets myself, but it was so easy, so it shouldn't cost much.

I have the same situation as you. It used to be a place for table and chair, but seemed like a waste to me.

Your current cabinets should be easy to match.

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There are lots of durable and functional cabinets out there. I looked at and liked Cliq Studios, if you want framed. Your existing cabs are a fairly common design, should be easy to find something very close.

I agree you should start out at Home Depot or Lowe's. You may find just what you want in your budget.

For your countertop, you should be able to come up with a sq. ft. amount of counter space, then you can compare prices per sq.ft.

Home Depot has an online countertop calculator to estimate countertops, using their selection of materials and prices. I found it very useful.

Be careful that a 25" wide countertop doesn't block your doorway even more, leave plenty of room to get around the counter and through the door.

I personally wouldn't like the look of mixing acrylic backsplash with quartz.
As to granite, I have been told that there is more permanent type sealer available now, doesn't need redoing every year. And, at least in my area, it can be very economical, far less than any acrylic (a limited choice of stone at that low end, though)

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FYI: If you're interested in Quartz.....Read the warranty information as well as use and care information. Quartz is stain resistant....not stain proof. Heat resistant ....not heat proof, meaning no hot pans or heat emitting appliances directly on the countertop. It a great and wonderful hard product, but read the actual brand warranties before setting you heart on a product.

Granite is a great product too. It has been used as a main building material for YEARS. The information you're reading about the radon....the original tests....those were paid for and done by the quartz manufacturers. If granite emits radon, it wouldn't be used in so many building and home for as long as it has been. =)

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Hmm I've not sealed my granite in over 5 years. Maybe it is time to do that now. I think some needs it more than others. I have cheap builder grade granite so would be fine probably for you too. I abuse mine as it isn't what I would have picked if I had more choices - I prefer lighter colors and this was the lightest of the choices, but it works in the house. Meaning if it was something I cared for I might have been much more careful with it and sealed it more often or whatever, but it just hasn't needed it. I think it was called Kashmir Gold.

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