Advice on new pine floors

coco_locoJune 10, 2008

I just installed brand new pine planked flooring and am uncertain whether I should stain it or just apply the poly finish. I would like to achieve a honey like color. Should I go with the stain or just apply the poly finish, be patient and wait the natural tones to come through, and if so how long does it take for that to happen? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Pine takes stain unevenly without a wood conditioner. But, it sounds like all you need is an oil base poly to get a light golden tone.

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Yeah, make sure it's oil based--the water based won't go very golden.

Carla in Sac

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I would look at a marine spar varnish; much more durable than poly.

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We used repairable Land Ark oil system on our wide pine plank floors. You can sand a spot or just clean it and put some more oil on and it is fixed. They have pigment you add and it goes on with the oil. I think once we picked a color we mixed it 1 part color to 4 parts oil. This is an all natural finish i.e. food safe. All pure ingredients.
Others have used Waterlox and I believe the first coat of it you can add color also so you get an even spread of the color.

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We used Waterlox and after two years, they are darkening quite nicley. I would totally recommend it. Plus, we can reapply the finish wothout sanding too deeply. Cannot do that with Poly.

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