Craft room organization Help!!

lindam9999June 10, 2010

I have a space in our walkout basement approx 10 x 10 that I use to do decorative painting. I need some ideas of organizing my pattern books, paints, supplies, etc, all the while keeping it attractive and functional. Any other painters out there who can offer suggestions? All suggestions accepted! =)



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You need shelves. Either a couple of book shelves or ones hung on the walls. If you have one long wall you could have a book case on either end and a work table in between. The bookcases can hold your books on the top shelves. For small books and leaflets or patterns Use magazine folders or make your own out of boxes. They can serve as bookends for larger books.

The bottom shelves can hold many things. Look in sporting goods for fly fishing boxes. These are great for holding things like brushes--without the dividers--and small things with the dividers. If you get them the same size they will stack on top of each other. I bought several at walmart to hold my sewing supplies. You can also decorate a can to hold your brushes and leave it on your work table. Paints can go in decorative baskets according to color or get or have built a small box with shelves to hold them. An old medicine chest with added shelves would do.

I suggest you visit resale shops like Habitat for Humanity or thrift shops and think outside the box. Then check out Dollar and department stores and see what you can find there that is functional and cheap.

When you get your shelves or whatever, set up then Label, label, label, so you know exactly where things are.

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Linda, I don't have craft books on painting, but I do have them for cross stitch and I use a hanging file cabinet to keep them organized. I have one on wheels made for crafters that holds a few of what I'm currently working on but also use a metal office type file cabinet. There are many options depending on just how many books you have. Hanging files whether in containers or drawers make it very easy to not only organize but flip through what you have when you are not sure what you want to work on next and just looking. When removing a book I either bookmark it or turn the book before it on it's end so I don't have to search for just where it belongs.
If you have lots of books I'd recommend buying two-two drawer file cabinets and making a desk with either a large board or old door for a workspace.
If you use 2 or 4oz bottles you can screw two by two inch wood pieces to the walls. They work perfectly to store your paints just one depth for easy access.
I have some photos that should help out too. I'll go add them to Photobucket and then add them here for you.

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Okay, here are some photos I had. I thought I had one of the two by twos as a paint bottle storage, but I didn't. I hope these ideas help you.
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Great paper or even booklet storage idea. Great ways to storing paint brushes, markers etc. These are awesome. I had one over the back of every closet door in our last home for storing so many things, but for you they'd be great for paints, brushes, etc. Another great way to store things with hanging files.
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Justgotabme--I love your photos. Is the bottom photo one long cabinet that holds hanging files? It looks like a nice piece of furniture and I need something just like it. I am redoing my home office and trying for a clean uncluttered look. The problem is I have tons of files. (Sorry to jump in Lindam9999).

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Thank you Casey Rose. Please don't feel sorry about jumping in, she's not come back in close to a month so it's anyone's ballgame now. I'm just happy someone appreciated the time I took to post those photos.
That long cabinet is actually a hope chest converted for storing files. A friend of mine, though this is not her hope chest, did this and loves how easy it is now to find all the craft booklets she has. If you don't have a hope chest I would recommend keeping an eye out on Craigslist for one.

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Thanks, just gotabme. Your pictures were inspirational. I was thinking about a hope chest but to put file boxes inside, not to convert. Conversion is a great idea. I also love your over the door organizer and will try that.

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You're very welcome. I'm glad to have been able to help.
At our last home I used that type of over the door storage in the hall coat closet for hats, scarves and gloves,in the hall linen closet for first aid storage and in the main bathroom closest for health and beauty aides. We live in a much larger home now, but amazingly enough don't have but one of those closets. I think they are one of the most versatile ways to store so many different things. If our pantry door wasn't a bi-fold I'd have stored our spices in one.

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