What's f0r dinner M0nday?

patti43February 11, 2013

I think my 'puter is 0n it's last leg. Have had tr0uble with it all day. My next 0ne will be a lapt0p!!

It was a beautiful day--temp. was 0ver 80. We did the dreaded gr0cery sh0pping. Glad that's finished.

T0night we're having curried chicken salad I made earlier and warm blueberry muffins fr0m the st0re. Easy and nice 0n a warm spring-like day.

H0pe y0u've all had a great day. What are y0u having f0r dinner?

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DH will have some pizza from the freezer. He asked for that the other night so he shall get it tonight. There's a small serving of the shrimp scampi left over from last night. I will have that with a salad. By the way, Patti, if you should try it someday, since I cooked up the garlic in the melted butter and topped it off for a stronger butter garlic taste, I would cut back a little on the garlic I used in the base sauce. It was really garlicky.

I love chicken curry salad. Yum.

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Today was a treat. Luncheon group was invited by one of our members to meet at the private club her family belongs to, and there were 17 of us. You can tell from the picture we were overlooking B'ham, but wouldn't know it for the rain and fog. We all dressed up for the occasion.

They have several restaurants in The Club and one we dined in was called The View.

I had hazelnut crusted pan seared scallops, green tomato pie, and beer cheese soup and their FAMOUS orange rolls, that are to die for,

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have a pork roast in the oven, I stuffed it with garlic and added mushrooms and lots of onions so I will have a wonderful brown gravy to have my rice and gravy. yummy

It's a wet cold dreary day, roast is a good comfort food.

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Yoga,tonight we will get our yummy pasta take out again;) I went by a Thai place that is also on my home today and got there menu~~~so we may work that into our take out nights;) Anything so I do not have to cook on those nights.

I went to mail a couple of pkgs at the post office today and they are closed now from 12noon-1pm for their lunch break. Interesting we all read in the paper about being closed and no delivery on Saturdays, but nothing about , closing at lunch time??? Did you all know this?

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I was feeling so warm in my house today as the outside temps were in low 60s and sunshine. Now it's cloudy and down to high 30s, I need a jacket. It's been like this a lot this winter here in Ohio.

I was really extravagant with my meal.........I had a pot pie. Easy and cheap.


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We had scalloped potatoes and ham. I forgot the ham, but I remembered the brownies. Patti, I love my laptop. I rarely use the desktop.

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Cheryl and I took Lily to the vet for Amber as Lily had a dental appointment. We left her as she would be there all day. From there we went to a near by town and shopped. Went to the Dollar Tree, Joann's and Hobby Lobby and going to Meijer for a few things later. We had a great lunch at the Golden Corral. I had a fried chicken leg, meatloaf, buttered fish, pot roast vegetables, a baked sweet potato, coleslaw, a salad, a piece of carrot cake, a little bit of peach cobbler with ice cream on it and a piece of some kind of yummy chocolate ball coated in chopped peanuts. All the food was really good. No supper for me tonight. I came home and a couple hours later I rode with Amber and Alyssa to pick up Lily who did fine. It was a good day.
It was very windy today and cloudy.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Well, Glenda, n0w y0u're sp0iled--what a great view and even better lunch, especially with friends. Wish y0u had better weather, but 0therwise perfect!

Raven, y0u're s0 creative and dinner will be just great, I bet. Enj0y!

Y0gaLady, I l0ve Thai f00d. There are usually many vegetarian items 0n their menus. Y0u may never c00k again :0

Shirley--y0u g0, girl!! S0unds g00d t0 me!!!

Pam, as y0u kn0w, I've been kn0wn t0 f0rget things als0. Still s0unds g00d, especially the ch0c0late!

Sue, I w0uldn't be able t0 eat, either, but y0u sure had a hearty lunch. Glad Lily is well. I h0pe y0u just left last night's chili and cherry pie where y0u put it last night--in case s0me0ne asks what's f0r dinner. ((Sue))

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Jody fried some chicken and made biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were the frozen kind, but pretty good. I asked him "What are you cooking tomorrow?" ;)

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Ge0rgysm0m, I c0pied/pasted the recipe last night and definitely plan t0 try it. N0 such thing as t00 much garlic, I say ;-)

Marilyn, Pillsbury fr0zen biscuits are really g00d, but if y0u ever tried mine, y0u'd understand why I say that! J0die sure kn0ws a g00d meal! BTW, I l00ked f0r that squeeze b0ttle c0c0nut stuff in the st0re but they didn't have it. Guess I'll have t0 try the liqu0r st0re.

That damned "0" is driving me crazy!

If I sh0uld suddenly disappear, w0uld s0me0ne please h0st the "What's f0r dinner"? I have a feeling this thing is ab0ut t0 be hist0ry. 0ne way 0r the 0ther! I've had it at least five years. Maybe m0re.

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I usually say that about garlic too, Patti but this may have been a tad too much. I would cut back the garlic I said by one clove. Don't say I didn't warn you. LOL

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just get a new keyboard they go bad and losing a key is one of the first things to go. If you were near me I would give you one I have several, thrift stores always have piles of them.
I just saw one of the big letter glow in the dark ones at bed bath and beyond on their clearance table for under $10.
Big Lots has several too.

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