Has anyone used a SimmerMat on their smoothtop stove?

marti8aSeptember 17, 2012

I like using a Pyrex Flameware tea pot, and usually use it on a coil-type hot plate without a heat distributing ring. But I just read that the Flameware isn't supposed to be used without the ring or a heat diffuser.

I did a search for a heat diffuser and all the ones I found on Amazon had mixed reviews, with quite a few about damage to the glasstop stove.

Then I did a search for glasstop heat diffuser and found the SimmerMat, but with no reviews. It did say it could be used on any type stove, including smoothtop. I'd like some reviews before I consider it though.

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First question, just by the names of the products, is "simmering" really what you want to do with a "tea pot"?

Read the reviews on Amazon, a one-star review said it ruined the ceramic burner, and one of the five-star reviews quotes the instructions as saying you must first bring the product to a boil without the mat. Neither sounds good for your situation.

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon

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Those are the reviews I read too. My smoothtop has one burner that is on high no matter what level the knob is on, and of course, it's the best size for most of my pots. That's one reason I hoped this simmer mat would work. In order to use pyrex on the glasstop, it's supposed to have a non-glass surface between them.

I read another review (no Amazon) that someone uses their cast iron skillet as a diffuser on their burner that is like mine. I might try that.

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