How deep should my undermount sink be?

lisapoiFebruary 8, 2014

We are trying to decide on an undermount sink and faucet for our kitchen remodel. We only have room for a small sink cabinet (trying for 24", but if we absolutely have to, we might be able to push it to 27").
We are currently considering the Kraus KBU10 undermount (D-shaped), which is 9" deep. Or, the Kraus KHU121-23m (D-shaped, but with the right corner cut off at an angle). This one is 10" deep.
I am 5'2" and my husband is 6'. Both sinks have a sink grid. Is one depth preferable over another?
Also, we are looking for a faucet that is fairly sleek in design, easy to clean, single hole, with a spray function that can be paused, and that pulls out (but that has a magnetic connection � or at least a really good track record for not becoming loose and hanging).
I'm hoping someone out there might be able to make a recommendation, based on personal experience :)

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I can only tell you my experience. I have a Kraus sink that is 10" deep (9" with the grid) and the Hansgrohe Citterio faucet. I am 5'2-1/2 and my husband is 5'6". He would probably say it makes no difference, but I would have preferred a 9" deep sink (not enough to have given up on nearly zero radius however). The faucet is great - you can toggle between spray and stream (each locks on) and it has a very good magnetic docker. There is some splashing though and I have no idea whether it's the sink, the faucet, or a combination of both. The splashing occurs not when the water is just running but when you're actually washing something, so maybe it's the height of the faucet combined with the powerful stream? Even with that, I wouldn't trade either - I like them both very much.

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We have a 10" sink and we ended up going flush-mount to the granite because the 10" depth made my back hurt. I'm 5'8" and in mid-50s. DH does most the cooking and I do most of the prep and washing, so use the sink a lot. Am very happy not to have that extra inch.

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The grid will raise the bottom of the sink by 1 inch or so. So a 10-inch deep is really 9. With a small sink I feel deeper is better as it provides more work room vertically.

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Thanks for your responses. I appreciate the feedback as I am only now just realizing that a deep sink might have negative consequences if I have a hard time reaching down to work in it. The sink I currently work out of is only 7 1/2 " deep (topmount), so it's hard for me to imagine how different even a 9" deep sink would be. Especially when our granite will be 3 cm thick (1 1/4"), which will add yet another 1" to the actual depth of the sink! I just wondered if anyone regretted their deep sink and wished instead for even an 8" deep sink.

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I went back and forth on the sink depth also. I am 5'6", the shortest in my family by 4 inches. We decided on a Blanco that is 9.5" deep, but because our granite is 3cm and we really liked the sink deck, we decided to do it as a drop in instead of undermount. I am mid-50s also and comfort is way up there on my list of considerations, even with the grid, the sink is quite deep!

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I don't know if an apron front sink is available in your width but that is one option worth looking into to give a larger sink in a small space. It would also bring the sink closer to you and decrease back strain caused by a deeper sink. I went to various large design centers with a ruler (to measure sink depth) and posed myself in a dishwashing pose to determine the size that would work best for me. You really need to "test drive" several depths.

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Like fishymom and I am about 5' 6" and the shortest in my family. I was very concerned with my undermount blanco sink mounted to 3 cm granite. It has been no issue for my back and I have been cooking 4 times as much since my remodel.

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I'm 5'3" and have the Kohler "Hawthorne" undermount farm sink.
I love it, but I hate its lack of functionality. The bowls aren't big enough to fit my pasta pot into it. Luckily I have a lovely, Cifial "Brunswick" gooseneck faucet that lets me wash the pot.

To look at your own height, it's 9" deep and fine. It could be deeper and it wouldn't really matter. My (former) 6'5" DH didn't mind its depth, either come to think of it.

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Re the pullout faucet that doesn't hang - a weight attached to the flexible tubing keeps it in the right location. If a faucet "starts to hang" the weight has slipped and needs to be repositioned - it involves tightening a screw. The faucets you see in the stores are not installed so don't go by what you see there.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences! I think this helps me a lot. (And didn't know about the weight on the hose. I just know I've seen some faucets with the sprayer part hanging out and I want to avoid that issue! :)

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I got a very deep, undermount Blanco sink (10 inches, but I use the grid, but my granite is an inch, so it cancels out to 10 inches) which I'm very happy with. But, like many things, there are trade offs.

It is harder on my back to wash dishes in it. With any deep sink it's important to get a faucet with a long reach so the water is near you and you're not both bending down into the deep sink while also bending forward to reach the water.

But (I'm embarrassed to write this, but here goes) I don't spend that much time washing dishes. I use the dishwasher for most things and just rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher without even setting them down into the sink. The occassional scrubbing a pot just isn't that big a deal.
On the other hand, it's so nice when I'm not ready to deal with the dishes that there's a nice roomy sink to put everything in, and they're sort of hidden in there - I don't have this huge pile of dirty dishes for my guests and me to look at.
I would definitely get the big, deep sink again. I'm 5' 3" and in my sixties.

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I'm 5' 3" and in my sixties.

Me too and I'm not the slightest bit embarrassed that I don't wash dishes LOL!

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I'm also squeezing an undermount sink into a 24" cabinet. The lip of the sink is a tiny bit wider than the inside of the cabinet so we're carving out the top of the cabinet slightly to make it fit.

You've probably thought of this already but just be sure there's enough room to fit the faucet in the corner of the cabinet with the sink there. We looked briefly at a D shaped sink but there might have been an issue with everything fitting. We're using a rectangular sink with the faucet centered in the back instead, which probably looks better in our space anyway.

We bought (but haven't installed yet) a Delta Pilar with Touch2O. It has a separate handle but otherwise I think it meets your requirements. Another faucet in the same series (maybe the Delta Ashton) with an integrated handle might work for you.

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I have seen the Delta Pilar Touch20 in action (last year at the Toronto Design Show) and I LOVED it! I have read some negative comments about it not shutting off, or turning on when people didn't try to turn it on, etc. So that is a bit of a concern (especially for my dubious husband). I'm not sure how much room it would require under the sink.
Helou - my sink will be in an island, so there won't be a backsplash to consider (the tap should be able to turn on and off without hitting a wall), but do you mean there may not be room inside the 24" cabinet (at the back of the cabinet or even in the corner) to accomodate the tap after the D sink is installed?

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I would compare the sink dimensions with the inner cabinet dimensions and also look at the online installation instructions for any faucets you like just to make sure everything fits. We didn't have room for a faucet behind a D shaped sink but it might be because we have a windowsill that overhangs the counter behind the sink.

I'm optimistic about the Delta Pilar. I think that if we have problems we can disconnect the solenoid and use it like a traditional faucet but if it works well it would be very convenient for us. I can't wait to try it out once we have new countertops!

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I'm with helou and sj in terms of height, age, and no dishes. I hope I don't regret the 10" deep sink. I can prolly live with depth; I'm just thrilled going from a 24" to 30" wide sink.

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I have a double sink that is 10" on one side 60% and 8 inches on the other side 40%.
It's a Kraus - I haven't used it yet as we haven't finished the remod but the contractor set the sink back 4 inches from the front end and it does seem too deep on the 10" side. I have a grid but I hope I don't regret the depth. 3 inches from the edge would have made it easier on the back.
unfortunately, we didn't realize the contractor would make this decision for us until it was too late. good luck!!

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I just purchased the Kraus KBU10 - 9" inches deep. When you consider an extra inch of countertop because it's undermounted, that makes 10" deep - plenty deep, even with the grid in place. If you are considering the 10" sink it would actually be 11" deep undermounted. Don't fall in :).

My question for everyone who might own the Kraus KBU10 sink - what faucet did you buy. It's recommended that the water from the spout hit the drain, however, the drain for the KBU10 sits very close to the back. I haven't totally unboxed it to measure, but I think a faucet with a spout reach of 8" might be too much. Any thoughts?

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