my cat thinks we have too many hand towels

talley_sue_nycJune 3, 2005

I store these on the bottom two shelves of the tall skinny cabinet in my bathroom. It's kinda skinny and deep, and the cat likes to get inside and play "cave."

Today, she tried to get in there, but there wasn't room, so she raked all the hand towels and washcloths onto the floor trying to make a space for her.

She gave up and went away, leaving a mess behind her. I tried to make her come back and fold them and put them away, but she wouldn't, so I had to.

And I have to say, I think I agree with her.

We never use the hand towels--there isn't room, and we just dry our hands on our own bathtowels.

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Well, you know, my cat must be talking with your cat, because that's exactly what she does. Maybe I should thank her, because that's why the bathroom closet gets straightened up more than any other closet.

Why don't you get rid of your handtowels, Talley Sue? I finally got rid of the "antique" linen handtowels from Germany that I inherited from my Grandma - never used them.


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That sounds like something one of mine would do. My towels are in drawers right now. When the cats hear me opening one, they come running, hoping to jump in.

I only have a couple of hand towels right now. I am planning to use hand towels if we ever finish the bathroom. Our bath towels will be hung on the back on the door & we'll have hand towels by the sink to use.

Talley Sue: the little rascals seem to be able to make a mess, but they really aren't very good about helping to straighten it up, are they?


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I don't have a cat, but I do have about 7,000 hand towels. Does anyone know where they come from? At one point I seriously considering sewing them together to make bath towels.

I've stopped buying kitchen towels and just move hand towels from the bathroom to the kitchen when the kitchen towels get ratty looking and need to be tossed.

P.S. I have boys... I think they use their shirts instead of a towel so they don't have to bend over and pick it up off the floor where they threw it the previous time.

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Hey Sue, what color are the hand towels, I will buy them from you if they fit my color schemes. Never doubt the wisdom of a cat.

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My cat does the same thing. I have old ratty towels folded in the basement closet, use them for cleaning cloths. She opens the door, pulls out the towels, and lays in their place. Is that a hint I should get rid of them and use paper towels?

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Our towels are all enclosed in cabinets, so rarely do the cats get the chance to get in there. But once DH left the cupboard door open. As I was working in the kitchen I noticed "Crumpet" walking around with a velcro curler stuck in her fur! Obviously she'd been in the open cabinet!

I just buy the white hotel grade towels they sell at Costco. They are really thick and can be bleached (even though they say not to on the tag!) They stay looking great for a long time. Once they finally lose their nice clean look, these become rags, the rags become trash and I buy new ones for towels. I do these every two years or so and what I like best is that they go good in all three bathrooms.


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My cat opens the cabinet door. Just one more reason to get full overlay when I replace it--it'll be harder to pry open.

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Ah... the hand towel topic returns! This month the towel bar broke in the bathroom.

Suddenly DS thinks hand towels are one-use items like paper towels. He pulls one out of the cabinet, wipes his hands, and drops it on the floor? Balances it on the edge of the sink so it falls on the floor? I'm not sure WHAT he does, but the multiple hand towels on the floor are MAKING ME CRAZY!

I'm not ruling out putting a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom. LOL


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people have started using the hand towels as wash cloths, at my house.

I sympathize w/ DS, though--where else IS he supposed to put them? Time to fix the towel bar.

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My cat hasn't been any help or inspiration here - but I took command of the towel situation - at long last - in this family of one (plus cat) - and the towels are rolled and stored in neat looking baskets - handtowel basket, bath sheet basket, wash cloth basket - and it did make it easier and neater....which probably seems strange given how you can HIDE stuff in a cupboard. However, I am tired of hiding things so well that I can't find them, much less use them or even remember I have them.

Also - I gave away a lot of towels...........AND I reassigned the nylon scrubbies - which I HATE in the bathroom - into the kitchen where they are the most wonderful things for getting glop out of the dishes.



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I have a wire shelf above my washing machine where I store old towels/hand and bath. I use those for 'the kids are dirty from being outside' or for plumbing disasters.

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Julie and I must be on the same wavelength. My handtowels all got used up in the kitchen and when they did wear out, I found tons of towels at the thrift store in new condition. No one must really use them.

I did have a paper towel holder in the half bath, but took it out. It was sending the wrong message to the kids about being wasteful, so I just hung up a bath towel and had to remember to change it once in a while.


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