new uses for old canisters

mommamareJune 15, 2009

What other uses can I use my old canisters? I recently remodeled my kitchen and received a new set of canisters that goes better with the new kitchen. I love my "old" canisters and wondered what else or where else I could use them.

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Conventional canisters hold sugar, coffee, flour, sugar. How about dry cereal, beans, macaroni in the old ones?

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Laundry room comes to mind...


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I use mine for storage of medicines; individual portions of nuts, M&M's, crackers, etc. for lunches; freshly washed green food bags. In the past I've used them for receipts, coupons, small electronics, dog food/treats. You just have to figure out what the greatest need is, in a way that you will actually use them in the location you want.

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Under the kitchen sink for those dishwasher thingys...cascade or whatever they are. Dog treats too!
The small ones in the bathroom for cotton balls.
Karen L

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What do they look like? Are they decorative? In a color that could work in another room possibly? Or will you need to use them behind doors?
I bought a set of three of the glass ones to use in the master bath. Wasn't sure what I was going to put in them until I got home. One holds cotton balls, one cotton swabs and one facial tissures. If you buy the kind that fold into each other and pulls the next one up when you take the top one you won't have reach down in for them.

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Claire--I like the coupon repository idea.

Like Clair, I am a fan of repurposing things. My old canisters are now in the laundry room labeled to identify detergents and additives. I even used an empty detergent box for a planter. I painted the tops of Voss water bottle then filled them with different detergent liquids.

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You know, Mustangs, I just realized I could use vinyl letters for my white Bee House canisters, to keep them straight. (that's what you used, right?)

I have contemplated labeling them with a P-touch, but it's sort of small.

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Talley_Sue, I had them made at the car decal booth at the flea market. But, I have used letters from the sheet of letters that you get from Staples type stores for all of my laundry sorting bins and other items.

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Mustangs, I so love your laundry room and drool everytime I see a picture of it.

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