Open MRI scheduled for Wed afternoon!

glenda_alFebruary 26, 2013

Then will wait to hear results from doctor as to what she recommends.

BTW, has anyone had rotator cuff problems and opted NOT to have surgery?

Man friend, Tom, was telling me he has had rotato cuff issues, for over 20 and opted not to have the surgery.

I noticed him in yoga, this morning, and he can lift his arm lots higher than I can. I have to raise my arm with assistance of my other hand, only.

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DH had rotator cuff problems and they gave him exercises to do with bands. For him, that was all that was needed. It depends on how serious the problem is. Good luck with the MRI. I'm sure you'll be glad when it's all over with. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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I am so sorry to hear you having this shoulder problem. I have had my right shoulder operated on twice in five years. I worry about you not having the help you may need to recover from this as it can be very difficult for the first few weeks. Both operations consisted of bone spurs,calcium deposits, and arthritis. I am 56 years old and have my son and grandchildren that live next door that helped me along with my DH. Both times I tried physical therapy before surgery but never got relief. I am not able to take any type of NSAIDS so trying to get relief for me wasn't working. The first surgery I did great. I had a pain pump for three days, but I had to have help getting dressed, showering and getting to places such as physical therapy as driving was not going to happen for awhile. Second surgery was somewhat the same but allot more surgery was required so the healing took allot longer. Both times I was immediately put on an ice machine in Operating room and sent home with one as well. You must use one!!!! I cannot imagine anyone not. The first machine I had to fill myself.(one reason it would be nice to have someone with you) the second time I used a ThermoTek cold compression
machine with leg cuffs for blood circulation. The thermotek did not require me putting ice in it. It truly was my Savior as I used it a minimum of four times a day for a month. Healing has been SLOW for me. If I was able to get relief from physical therapy or the use of drugs I NEVER would have done it twice! I had this last done August 2012 and I am still healing and not pain free yet. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

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Glenda, I have a badly torn rotator cuff- how and when it happened I don't know. For a year I thought it was arthritis and the rheumatologist put shots of cortisone in it. They didn't help. I went to an orthopedist who did the MRI thing- closed. Wasn't too bad. He advised against surgery because of my age (81 at the time and the severity of the damage) and sent me to therapy. I truly didn't think I would be able to use that arm again. The therapists did a marvelous job and I am able to use the arm again. Not as well as if it were not injured but most things I'm able to do. I do have to keep up with the exercises here at home. Good luck.

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linda_ut and gmom, thanks for two sides to the issue.

I've had therapy, and that's why my doctor sent me to an orthopedist.

My doctor, last year, told me, at my age, 73, he didn't recommend surgery. PLUS I live alone and cannot depend on my two fella's for much help.

Been doing the stretching in water aerobics, and yoga, today. My shoulder, etc feels so much better afterwards, but then when I skip a day, it's the same ole same ole hurt.

georgesmom, I used to be able to use the bands, but can't anymore :o(

T'will see what the doctor recommends after she get the results and go from there.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've had rotator cuff problems in the past. I finally spent some time in PT, which helped me enormously. I still do a few of the exercises every day...that five minutes keeps me pain free and mobile.

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prayers going with you Glenda HUGS

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glenda if you see between the lines it's FOLLOWING dr's orders after either options..

my mother could have stayed longer in her beloved mobile home if she had kept up the stuff the rehab had sent her home with...i'd set up the chair ect, she had to use, but that went by the wayside in a few short she ended up here...

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Good luck Glenda. I hope you get good news that your shoulder can be fixed without surgery. My sister and fil had shoulder surgery for torn rotator cuff. Not pleasant, but once over the surgery and recovery they are pain free.

I really hope you don't have to have surgery. I avoid invasive procedures like the plague, haha.

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Sending you good thoughts for this afternoon!


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Good Luck!

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