Hook & Loop type fasteners?

Wings2WJune 12, 2005

Just wondering if anyone has ever used the Velcro hook & loop type fasteners. I see they have a\"heavy duty" for hanging yard tools up in the garage. A "medium duty" too for things like lawn chairs.

I'm cleaning my garage soon and need major help!



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We use the heavy-duty velcro for jobs such as in the office, we'll attach the surge protector/power strip to the inside of the desk, for easy access without it having to sit on the floor and be in the way.

But in the garage, we hang garden tools on the hangers made for them. Ours holds all the shovels, rakes, etc, and has a hook on the end that holds the garden shears. We keep hand tools like the little spades, in a bucket, along with all our garden gloves, so it's all in one place.

Lawn chairs hang on these L-shaped holders that stick out about 12 inches or so from the wall. We have done the wall in pegboard, and these holders are made to hook into pegboard.

Bikes are hanging from the ceiling on bike hooks.

The rest of the garage stuff is in a shelving unit (the kind of heavy duty one made for a garage - I think we bought it at Sams or Costco). Using milk carton crates, we corral stuff into categories such as these.
- Garden sprays, fertilizer, miracle gro
- Car stuff - oil, brake fluid, filters, soap to wash the car
- Paints, stains

The containers then slide nicely onto the shelves.

Velcro will hold some things nicely but won't support a lot. For example, DH tried to use the heavy duty velcro to attach the small computer speakers underneath a shelf, but within a week they'd fall.

Velcro might work for smaller garage items, but honestly, I think pegboard and the little hooks that you put onto the pegboard work better. I'm not sure it would hold a lawn chair.

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