Closet Organizer for Office Room

winker58June 17, 2008

I want to turn a closet with two bi-fold doors into a supply area and paper storage area. Any thoughts on what kind of closet organizers I can use inexpensively but that will look nice.

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I would think you'd be good with any set of "standards and shelves" that you can put solid shelves on, instead of wire.

Then, check out stuff like plastic drawers or metal racks sized to hold paper, and see how wide they are; you'll want to have shelves wide enough to support the front edge (they'll be sturdier and last longer if their front edge isn't hanging off the shelf a little).

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Go on line to The Container Store and look at the Elfa shelving system...the beauty of it is that you install a horizontal rail, and then the standards hang from it. It is a little more expensive than similar systems from the home centers, but in my experience, the parts are far better engineered.

Then if you want something more interesting than the plastic stuff from the home centers, if you have a Pier 1 and/or a 10,000 Villages and/or a World Market in your town, look for containers there.

The trick is not to over-plan or over-buy...not everything needs to be in something specific. If you really want to save money, you can cover shoe boxes with pretty wrapping paper for office supplies...cut a piece of sheet cork for the bottom to keep it from sliding around. You can also cover or spray-paint empty cans to hold pens and pencils and other stand-up things. Inexpensive metal baking pans with a cork lining are also good, and have a nice industrial quality, if that appeals to you.

I keep batteries and boxes of staples and paper clips in pretty little gift bags that are sturdy enough to stand a little use, and look nice lined up on the shelf. I also bought a bunch of white paperboard boxes from Staples (they come flat in packages of three or four), and I use them for projects and miscellaneous paper...clean and simple looking, and easy to label.

Use your imagination, and have fun with it!

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I find that I like my oft-used office supplies in shallow drawers--NOT the shoebox size & shape.

But I do need a shoebox size or two for bulk supplies, or for tall ones.

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Yes, I think T-Sue is right about the shallow things. I like being able to pull out a wide shallow basket in which I keep the stapler, the tape, the scissors and ruler, my Rolodex, and the coded list of my passwords, and set it behind me while I work. Then back it goes.

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If you haven't done anything with your office, check this out. I discovered this doing internet research and it's very impressive and reasonably priced.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Pax System

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I installed Closet Maid wire shelves in my bedroom-turned-office closet. I love that I can adjust the height of the shelves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Closet Maid

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