Idea for lighting a U with two open sides?

deedlesFebruary 7, 2013

So, working on the U in my remodel since the epiphany that the end wall will come down... and now wondering... how on earth does one light something like this? I've looked for images of similar layouts and maybe I'm not using the right search terms but I've found very little.

The view of this rendering is looking towards the long side of the U from the dining porch.

At the right (bottom)end of the U will be 2 or 3 stools for seating. Directly in front of you is a traffic aisle and then my main prep counter. I'll need task lighting there and some kind of (nicer?)lighting over the dining part at the end. Do I do the exact same light all the way around or can there be two types of lights, designating the different areas of the counter?

Thinking along the of arts/crafts/mission/prairie/rustic feel, to work with the stained glass inserts on the cabs.

There will be recessed lighting and undercab lighting in addition to the lights in question here.

Thank you for any ideas, images, advice.

(Oh, and continued props to Bellajourney for her phenomenal kitchen renderings. She's gotten so good that I decided to hire her!)

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Pic does not show up for me. : (

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trying again

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Hi, Deedles! I saw that you were taking down the wall between the living room and kitchen, but now it's very open. Have you thought about having glass upper cabinets between the two spaces with a higher opening (like over the range) in the middle? Then you could still see through but have a little more storage and it would be easier to add lighting. Keep the pendants over the peninsula to the dining area and I think that would look open and spacious, yet still vintage and charming :)

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So, you're saying to add cabs over the prep counter, huh? Maybe...

I keep reading on here that when people have those cabs, they end up wanting to take them down though?

Maybe though...

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Oh, and Hi Lav!

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You have lots of possibilities for more storage and a bit of separation, without making it too closed off.

Here's one idea...this kitchen is sort of like yours, with the range on one wall and prep sink across. What if you had shelves on either side of the opening, like the ones on either side of the window, to the right in the picture.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Here's another idea with a slightly higher backsplash that opens to the other room with cabinets on that side. The posts and beam give you some definition and a place to hang your lighting.

From Kitchen plans

Or you could have a 'window' between the two spaces, with glass uppers on either side.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Just a few ideas :)

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Fori is not pleased

Oh I have to agree with LL. Make them the high useless cabs, for display, so they don't get in your way. Then you won't look like you're at the helm of a large lobby.

On topic, though, I have no idea! This is why they started using those big boxy fluorescent fixtures. And ceiling acne pot lights.

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Fori- LOL! Such great lighting descriptions :)

Deedles- When I say 'window' I meant framed opening. I know many people don't like dust-catching shelves, but I think display is what makes kitchens unique and give them that vintage feel. It would look wonderful with your range, too!

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Lav, I'm not sure which spot you're talking about now. The prep leg or the seating leg? I'm attaching view from the dining end if that helps anyone...

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Now I'm confused...I thought your living room would be on this end and the dining area would be on the old porch. Does this mean no more fireplace in the living room? Can you show us the new floor plan?

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No, the living room with (now) wood stove is still down there. When I said dining area I should have said dining 'counter'. The dining area is still on the porch. Boy, you have a good memory! :)

I can't post the layout because photobucket officially stinks and is buggy and I can't access my stuff right now. And of course I can't find the image on my computer either. But... nothing has changed layout-wise.

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Okay, I think I understand. The counter area closest to the living room is going to have stools and be a second eating area, right? Then I wouldn't close that off too much, but a little definition might be nice and tie in with the porch.

What if you add a post on the corner, to frame the dining counter like the second picture, above. It would make it more 'post and beam' and would tie in with the entry into the porch/dining area.

If it were me, I'd probably put some lights in that beam (halogen spots?) and then use your other lights (didn't you choose some pendants already?) over the prep sink counter. Just an idea :)

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Kind of like the image on the right?

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do you like the retro diner look? i think it might work in your space, though maybe you are going for more rustic?

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Deedles, Before you switched to opening up the living room wall, you had planned some lovely pendant lights over the prep side of the U. Why wouldn't you just use those lights on both sides the eating and the prep?

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Michou: That's what I'm trying to minimize. I said that I fear it'll feel like I'm working in a movie theatre concession stand or a diner or something.

Localeater: I'm going to try what you suggest, thanks.

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You seem to have a major traffic pattern through your kitchen. Could the kitchen move to the area beyond the posts? If you replaced the kitchen window with a large bay or window seat, you would have a nice space for the dining room table.

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deedles you and Angie always have the most interesting threads. I love reading them and will be sad when you are finally done(but happy for you).
There's no getting around it with the counter exposed now you will feel like you are slinging hash ! LOL. Just make sure you demand tips.
I use a diner table(my only table) and when I ask if the "diner" would like the coffee topped up I do demand tips .
I have no constructive comment to add at this time, I know you and Lavender and oldbat2be and belllsmom will figure it out & it will look GREAT .

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I will confess that I am not good at imagining decor solutions, but since it sounds like you don't want either pot lights or pendants-- I saw a track light that was curved into a U shape that could follow your counters. I've also recently seen somewhere a track light that had very vintage-y looking slightly iridescent light amber shades. I thought they were very pretty and didn't look like they would seem out of place in a kitchen like yours.

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deedles, sorry, i guess i missed that part where you wanted to avoid the diner look. lol! can you do a skylight somewhere? that gives you lots of natural light and breaks up the large expanse of ceiling. also a hanging pot rack island light can be nice too. i thought this one looked really interesting and the pendants were also nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: housebeautiful pot rack light

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