Life turned upside down

artmomJune 25, 2006

Just when you get in a comfortable groove...bang, life happens. Sorry I haven't been posting much, I read often and think about you all . I started a job at Home Depot back in Dec. I was promoted to kitchen designer about a month ago. I started training last week, very intense training at least till the end of August. Those of you familiar with Atlanta know about the traffic and having to maneuver from one side of the perimeter to the other. I have to drive all the way to the other side which takes about an hour on a good day so I'm gone about 11 hours a day plus stress. Having to absorb an unbelieveable amount of info is rough at any age but...LOL. DH called just before my final exam Friday and told me he's on his way to the hosital via ambulance, he fell 20 feet off a ladder. He's ok, banged and bruised with a precautionary half cast on his right hand. I'm not training this coming week, thank goodness, so I will be doing all the usual stuff around the house plus all DH's stuff. DD is at the beach with the neighbors so I'm doing her chores as well. I need to set up a temporary office in the sewing room till my training is complete and where is all THAT going to go? TIA for your imput.

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Stop doing chores, or cut out as much of the regular stuff as possible. You can exist on frozen foods and salad for a while.

DH should be able to do some things, although slowly.

When DD gets back, you can do a couple of catch-up days with her and shovel out.

Just try not to do messy things.

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Agreed. These are extraordinary times but things will get back to normal eventually. Do what you need to do to address your priorities. I suspect keeping the house white-glove clean will not be high among them. :-) Good luck!

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oh, poor baby! It sounds really stressful. Best of luck, and be sure you're getting enough sleep!

You'll be all right--just let some stuff go. It might be good to realize that some of it just doesn't matter.

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Oh betsy! Let me know if you need anything. DH had a ladder fall (14') nearly 3 years ago and nearly killed himself.

ended up with a crushed vertebra, one crushed foot, and one fractured foot. it was a long year that year!!!

Ladies, keep your men OFF ladders! The job my DH was doing when he fell would have cost us $45 to pay someone else to do (I know because while he was in the hospital I hired it out, because I did not want to bring him home from the hospital to see the job still undone).

Good luck with the kitchen design work! I'm very proud of you and know you can take your knowledge and really put it to good use!!!

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Artmom, You have a lot to juggle right now, good advice given above.
Prioritize, put tasks to the test i.e. In the scheme of things, how important is this task I'm about to do?

Good luck with your new position. I go through Atlanta several times a year and while I love it, I can't imagine dealing with the traffic. Last week there was a seven mile backup going into the city from the North. Obviously we were glad to be going the opposite direction. I remember feeling so sorry for the folks in those cars.

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Thanks all! DH is getting along wonderfully. Just some shoulder pain and his right hand. He's been moving around the house and that seems to have loosened him up a lot. He's sleeping well. We are so very fortunate. I'm off today and we are running some errands and I'm going to get some things done around the house. That will make me feel better! You all are so very kind. Steve and Talley, LOL I let it go a while ago and the white gloves were thrown away about a year ago. Amazing how priorities change. Karen, I remember how awful that time was for you and thanks for the offer. We should try to get together, again. Thanks for everyones support. Oh, speaking of support, I bought a ladder stabilizer for DH. I know I can't keep him off the ladder but this will make him safer.

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