Painting cabinets - paint finish/gloss

tinanFebruary 15, 2013

This weekend's project is replacing my sink faucet and countertop - next weekend (or, whenever I finish the above) is to paint the cabinets. I have found some great advice on this forum in past posts on how to prep, what primer to use, etc.

In my case, the cabinets - which are original from 1980 not nice quality wood very dark brown - have already been painted at least twice once a peachy color, then recently a poorly done job of white which is now peeling everywhere. So I will be sanding, priming and then painting.

My question is - what finish paint generally looks best for cabinets? Semi-glass seems like it will be too shiny, but satin may be not glossy enough? With white I need to be able to wipe down spills and dirt easily, I don't want to have to scrub and end up damaging paint. What did you use and what do you like or not like about the finish?

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satin is scrubbable, and I was told by the guy at the benjamin moore paint store that satin looks best on cabinets. I have heard the same from several other people...I think semi gloss will look too shiny. I just painted my upstairs oak bathroom vanity in benjamin moore advance satin and I think the sheen is perfect. I plan to do my kitchen cabinets in the same paint. good luck!

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Hi Tina. Someone else asked this same question earlier in the week. I'll link that thread below. My satin cabs have a subtle sheen or glow to them that I love.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread from this week

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My fault, I should have searched! Ah the pics are great, satin it is then. When we bought the place the entire kitchen was semi-gloss or possibly "full" gloss... shiny like plastic on the walls, ceilings and cabinets, ugh!

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