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pradsJune 20, 2012

Hi everyone

We just bought a new house. There are different sized closets in the house with the standard shelf and a rod below it. I need to add shelves to accommodate more folded clothes at arms length and also maybe more hanging clothes rods. Am so confused with the "maids" like rubber maids and closet maid, it is getting o erhwleming. Me and hubby both are not much DIY people other than assembling ikea furniture so far. Currently we have workers in the house renovating kitchen and bath so am hoping I could take their help in putting these up. I have a lil one to take care so not much time to plan:(

my master bed room closet has a 4 sectional area, like a squarish u or c, left side has 52 then the centre area has 4 sections, next to the 52, there is a 22, then a division then 55.1 again division, 55.1, division, 22 and then on right side there is again 52" free space. Below the existing rod there is around 70" space below. Does the deluxe kit work with this? What should I do?

Please suggest. Thanks.

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Which deluxe kit? Manufacturer?

How long are the workers there? Because my suggestion is to go to one of the big box stores where they sell closet systems. Many of them have designers who will look at the dimensions of your closet and plan out what to put where.

I think Closet Maid will come to your house for a free consultation, but that might take more time than you have? They also have an on-line design tool that could help.

The Container Store sells Elfa closet systems and has an on-line design tool, plus phone consultations. Rubbermaid has an on-line closet design tool, as well.

Even if you end up using a different system, these on-line tools will allow you to see what is possible.

If you really want help from this forum, I think we need pictures or some sketches so that we can see what the closet looks like.

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I can't envision what you are describing. I understand a U shaped closet, but don't understand what you mean by sections and divisions. If these are existing built-ins, you would remove them all and start with straight walls to install a closet system.

If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you can install a closet system.

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If you have workers there, see how much they would charge you to build shelves and put up more rods. You could always paint it yourself to save a little money.

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This is the left end of the closet

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Here's the middle i said two of these are there

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Right end

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Go to the Container Store with accurate measurements and have them design a closet system that meets your needs. Elfa goes on sale frequently. 30% off in January/February if you can wait. If you can't afford it, take the Container Store design and go to Lowe's or Home Depot and purchase their products. Good luck!

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If it were my house, I would remove all that, patch and repaint the walls, and then install the ClosetMaid ShelfTrack adjustable closet system from Home Depot (not Lowes).

Three HangTrack rails would go across the top of the closet. From there, you hang a series of vertical ShelfTrack standards. On the standards, you put a combination of shelves and hangers in a configuration that is right for you.

If I were you, I would get the workman to do the demo work, the patching and maybe the painting. You could do the rest with some simple tools.

I recommend the Home Depot version over what Lowes sells because the brackets (they hold up the shelves) that Lowes sells has notches in them that make it difficult to attach a long run of wire shelving.

Here is one that I did.

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Since you mentioned Ikea ... What about their PAX system? I know you already have walls, so the frames would only be there to hold up their drawers and stuff, but they have a lot of shallow drawer options (solid, wire mesh, wide, narrow) that are great for folded clothes.

You won't need the doors for the PAX units, which will save you some money.

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Thanks everyone, good ideas! I will definately ask the workers to do it, or get a handyman to do basic work and then hang the racks and rods myself.

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Graywings, do you think I can just add the tracks like yours and add shelves below the existing structure? Am just trying to minimize the while process of getting it done by the current workers, as they are lagging behind in their current work itself!

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You can add more storage to the closet without a closet system, if you wanted to, and without the need for a lot of tools or workmen.

The simplest way to add more shelving would be to put a bookcase in the closet, under one of the clothes rods. If that takes away too much hanging space, you could use a closet rod doubler, which hangs from the existing closet rod.

A step up from that would be to mount shelves to the wall--either using parts of a closet system or pre-made shelves and brackets which can be found at just about any hardware store. You can add shelves all down one wall, or above the existing shelf or a foot or two above the floor, to hold shoes.

There's a lot of options out there--it depends on what you need to store and what would be the most convenient way for you to store it.

Here is a link that might be useful: closet rod doubler

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I don't see any way to add the shelf-track system without removing what you have. Demo work goes quickly - one of your workman could probably do it in an hour. The patching/sanding/painting takes longer because there are dry times in between.

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