We are always looking for shoe organizers...

quiltgloJune 20, 2007

I thought this was one of the best shoe organizing ideas I've seen. They are up off the floor so you can sweep. I've linked the tutorial of how to make them below.

Here is a link that might be useful: shoe rack tutorial

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Very clever! and you can sweep the floor without picking up the stupid shoes.

I'd do this in my entry way, but the doors open into the area.

Still, it could be a useful technique even inside a cabinet, or something.

On the back of a cabinet or closet door? Suppose it would hold?

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Wow. What a great idea. Funtional AND it looks cool too. Not as much bulk as a cabinet or big shelf, and you don't have to keep wiping dirt off of a shelf all the time.

I wish they would sell something like that so those of us without tools or who are not very handy could just buy them.

Do the shoes really stay in the horizontal position though? I am imagining that the shoes could look askew and messy, if there were different size shoes stored, or both boots and shoes, as they couldn't be stored evenly and would flop down at different angles.

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If you read the whole thing, you'll see that this is a homemade version of a specialized one.

Design Within Reach (a catalog) sells it, but it's $100.


You'd still need to mount it on the wall, which means you need a drill. Or a handyman.

The folks who made the wooden one just used the handsaw at Home Depot. And any lumberyard will sell you the wood cut to size. And a handyman could install it.

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This is a good idea. And I was just at lowes today. I like the notmartha website and I'm thinking about making the shoe shelf now.


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Does the tutorial include instructions on how to get husbands to put the shoes on the shelves instead of on the floor???? That's the problem in my house...and that's the piece we need instructions for!!!

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Thanks for this idea. I love it!
Kec01 I'd need the tutorial for my DD and sometimes for myself :)

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I had a shoe organiozer at least 20 years ago that I loved. It had about 60 clear plastic pockets, hence held up to 30 pairs of shoes, and was made to hang on a closey door.The plastic eventually got old and ripped.I threw it out. I wish I could find another just like it.

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