twelve things that don't belong

minnie_txMay 17, 2007

Posted by talley_sue_nyc (My Page) on Thu, May 17, 07 at 12:01

OK, Jannie--I challenge you: Together, we'll tackle the dresser, twelve items at a time.

Tonight--wait, tonight might be hard, it's Ascension Day and I have to play the organ--well, surely I can do TWELVE, right? Esp. if I make sure several of them are "throw them out" things?

Tonight, open one drawer, and pick out twelve things that don't belong, and do whatever with them. (toss, refile, mail to someone else)

Don't worry about the stuff that stays; we're just weeding out.

I copied this from another thread. I really like this idea. I finished helping my DS transform three of his rooms from chaos to order and I think I'll present this idea to him for his remaining rooms. One is his office and another his "book" room where most of his CDs DVDs and misc books are stored.

I'll let you know if works out!!

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OK, well, I haven't been doing this--I've been practicing my new "four sharps!!" liturgy for church, and tackling that paperwork, twelve at a time.
Wait--maybe I have, too--not the dresser, but that backlogged paper and stuff--I've been mostly focusing on the stuff that doesn't stay. Filing it, tossing it, shredding it, etc.

But I still like this idea--focusing on the stuff that should NOT be there.

let us know how it goes, and whether it's helpful to your DS.

(glad it could be useful)

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