was this a "folk victorian?"

elleninmaineJune 30, 2014

house in saratoga springs ny was built in late 1890's. am wondering if side porch was added later. think there was a front porch which will return.

renovation has just begun.

any all all thoughts most welcome. thank you

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here's current status with old porches removed. side porch will be rebuilt and become part of downstairs space.

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I don't know anything about your question, but that is a cool house. Kind of jealous that you get to renovate it! : )

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The basic form is a Folk Style I-House with porches, some of which may have been added later. What would make it a Folk Victorian is exterior trim under the rake, eaves and on the porch columns and eaves but there is no evidence of that; however the porches appear to have been enclosed so the Victorian trim might have been removed.

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thanks renovator8 (and carol!)
seems these folk victorian houses were painted in bright colors.
sadly the vinyl siding comes only in what i call muddy tones.
am thinking the best is quest fern shore green.
house trim has to be white to match garage.
other ideas most welcome. really don't want plain white house but white with colored trim seems busy to me. advice????!!!!

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This is going to be a beautiful house! A shade of green would be nice, as would a grey which you could spice up with painting the trim brighter colors. I can't see what kind of gutters you have on your house (if you have them), but have you considered getting bronze/copper color metal gutters? Aluminum, I think, I was reading about them in another thread. They would look beautiful on your house and could help you decide on a siding color, too.

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Thanks Emoree No gutters but think front
Porch and side addition will have a metal roof
So will look at the metal colors you suggested

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A metal roof will be so wonderful! They give so much character to a house. Good luck with the renovation!

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