Can I just say HI again!

apoemJune 25, 2012

Hi all. It has been so long since I've been on here. IT's super crazy. I feel like my house is organized and I'm pretty good at getting rid of "STUFF" except for my DH! (Same old complaints there!)

BUT as you can tell- I'm not good at saying NO. I'm not good at decluttering my schedule. And I need to do so.

So I'm on here again to get a little bit motivated.

I've been making soap! Yay me! and that is fun and creative. I've been making lots of preserves and jams and canning. That is fun and creative. I've been working on cleaning my carpets (why with three kids?) That is just stupid and crazy.

But more than that- Between teh daily work and the homeschooling (Yup, still doing that this year) I really shouldn't be doing more.

So of course, I signed the kids up for golf lessons in another city, piano, guitare and drum lessons (one instrument for each kid) and robot class. And then there is BOy Scouts and Cub Scouts and I have duties in each of those groups and Girl Scouts and I have volunteered for some of that work too. Gymnastics for the summer.

And I promised I'd never be in this spot again and here I am.

Ok So give it to me. Tell me how stupid I am and tell me what I need to do now. Golf will be over soon. Gymnastics can be over whenever I want. Argh.


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Btw HI everyone!

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Here's the deal:

THE KIDS HAVE TO HELP YOU! If a child can swing a golf club, they can push a mop, broom, or vacuum. If a child can do gymnastics, they can clean a toilet, change the sheets on their bed, etc.

You owe it to yourself to design a routine that includes them. Have your husband deliver a daily chore schedule if you think it would cause friction between you and the children.

It is very important for your state of mind and the formation of a proper attitiude in your children to have them help in simple, doable ways. What is simpler than vacuuming a room, picking up toys, or folding/delivering laundry.

Do not cheat your children out of these life lessons.

My two cents, for whatever it's worth. My youngest four kids are required to do an hour of work a day during the summer. This would even include things like browning xx pounds of meat, making part of dinner, cleaning the fridge, etc. for my teen daughters. My oldest sons do the heavy yard work, but since they do have jobs, the don't do an hour of work daily. Sundays we rest.

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Do an hour for hour work swap ... for each hour of golf or gymnastics or chauffeur services to whatever, the child owes you an hour of housework.

Or half an hour ... whatever is reasonable.

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Hi. I have kids who like me like to do stuff when they are in the can't do that and keep a clean house.
We now have a pact that we focus on one room a week that must be spotless before bed. This means that our bedrooms can have a little mess (including mine) and no room can be really gross but each week we focus on either kitchen, family room or bathrooms as our must be spotless room. (The formal areas tend to stay uncluttered and clean with a once weekly swipe).
It is a little silly maybe but it works. If family room is the perfect room then it must be free of books, blankets, a spare popcorn bowl and floors dusted if needed. If it is the kitchen then there cannot be even a spoon in the sink. On family room week then rinsed dishes can be in the sink as long as trash is outside etc.
Bathroom week sucks because I have kids who love to drop towels, etc. but we each grab a bathroom and in ten minutes we have it picked up and all the surfaces wiped down.
I would rather we wipe and clean each room every day but I've learned it is not my reality." I'm pretty good at getting rid of "STUFF" except for my DH! (Same old complaints there!)" Not great at quoting posts yet...I found that getting rid of my husband helped...LOL. Just being funny. I hope that you mean your husband isn't a declutterer or picker upper ....and I can't give you advice on that!
Most of easy on yourself. Work towards a very happy, comfortable home. A happy, loving family is better than a spotless home.

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cupofkindness I totally agree about the kids helping. And you will be doing them a huge favor. My adult, married daughter recently told me how empowered she felt when I taught her how to clean the bathroom. Who knew?

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