I have overcome my fear

angelaidSeptember 5, 2012

of beef neck bones! LOL

Those babies have been sitting in the bottom of my freezer for a year, menacing me ... almost everything that came up on a web search said to make stock with them. I browned them up, simmered them all day, pulled the bones out, refrigerated overnight, skimmed the fat off and made a wonderful beef, vegetable and barley soup last night. Was surprised how much meat they had on them! Very flavorful soup! DH must have liked it, because I heard him up at 3 this morning heating up another bowl!

Any food that intimidates you?

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Puff pastry....from scratch. I have conquered the beast, but don't often seek the battle.

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That was one small step for mankind,
but one giant leap for Angelaid.
Food preparation need not be feared.
Learn all you can about a particular dish,
and go for it. Like everything else on this earth,
it's a learning experience.

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Well, I was nervous about my trotter this week. But, like you, stock seemed the answer. Amazingingly good stock. Wonderful flavor, mouthfeel, and gel. And I've got five 1-cup servings in the freezer plus 2 ice cube trays full. Now, trotters will be standard fare in our freezer. I was a little grossed out picking it up but quickly recovered.


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I have fear of pie and all things involving shaped pastry. But my love of eating prevails!

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OK - I had to Google trotters. Now I fear them too! LOL

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My fear is simple and irrational - making mashed potatoes!

Now - I'm afraid to even Google trotters :~), but I'll be brave and learn something! -- okay-- not the comfy shoes or the horses-- must be the pig's feet with the shanks still attached?

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I have some liver in my freezer and yes, I am afraid.

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I'm not afraid but I'm frustrated by phyllo dough. It's such a pain to deal with, it always tears or comes out ugly and I don't even like it that much. Ugh.

So, I've done it and I'll probably do it again, but I'll complain and mutter the whole time.

Nothing about beef anything scares ME. (grin)


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But BUT Annie!!..Are you making that phyllo FROM SCRATCH?? Uh??
Then you have reason to be scared.
I might add to my list...that strudel dough you stretch all over the kitchen table on a linen cloth! Quaking in my shoes just thinking of it!!!

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Actually was successful at making puff pastry a while ago. It is NOT at all difficult, just time consuming. Did it one cold, dreary winter weekend when I kinda was looking for an excuse to avoid housework!!

Don't be afraid of BONES!! Ya would really have to TRY to screw up stock! Just can't bring myself to toss bones from chicken (whole or pieces) without making some stock. Bones + onion/celery/carrot + water + a bay leaf or 2 + a nice long simmer (no baby sitting necessary) = several cups of stock basically for free... ya were gonna toss the bones anyway, right.

Don't think I've ever bought neck bones specifically... but any beef bones will work. Remember going into a real butcher shop near me... looking for big old bare bones to roast off and give to my 2 big goofy dogs. Wasn't really planning to make stock, but the idea of RAW bones kinda skeeved me out. Asked the "kid" at counter if they had any big, bare bones in the back... they usually gave thm away. She kinda tilted her head to one side and said "BEAR bones??"

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Yes, LindaC, I made it from scratch. Once. I decided it was so not worth it and got frozen stuff. It's not worth it either.


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Annie, if you do want to try to deal with phyllo again, use a goose-feather pastry brush to brush it with melted butter. Then it doesn't tear. And keep the unused part covered at all times. I used to make baklava fairly regularly abd haven't for years. Now I'm hungry for it. (I'm talking about the frozen phyllo; no way I'd try it from scratch.)

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thanks for the tip, CC. I'll probably do it again. Someday. My mother loves baklava, but Elery makes a darned good version so I leave that to him. (grin)

Nancy (wizardnm) once served us a pumpkin filled strudel that was delicious, and I keep thinking I need to make that.


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Oh dear home made phyllo - I do like phyllo but the idea of making it by hand would give me nightmares. Making something with store bought phyllo is fiddly enough for me.

I was an unwitting participant in a very insistent Uzbecki/Georgian acquaintance's birthday meal(s). She was a fabulous cook. BUT she made enough food for a town for a dinner that included 5 people. She followed us around for a week force feeding us. It started with a canner full of dry rice to make the uzbecki version of pilaf. And the dismantling of a master bedroom closet to get a rod large enough to roll out her phyllo - impressive to watch. The phyllo was used to make these amazing meat pies. I was never so full and guilty at the same time.

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I love pork neck bones.....for flavoring spaghetti meat sauce and for flavoring pinto beans.
I made chicken Parmigiano for the first time last week.....why oh why did I wait so long????

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I haven't had those since I was a kid. My mother used to cook them.

I don't have any food that intimidates me, but I need to defrost my freezer and that intimidates me, just because I have put it off so long.

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I buy fresh phyllo dough from a Greek, Lebanese, or Turkish deli and therefore have no phyllo fear, especially after the phyllo class a few years ago given by Oly. I have more raw video from that class, but video editing takes a bit of time for me. Frozen phyllo dough is much more difficult to work with.

As for fears - I don't really have fears so much as irritations. I dread taking meat out of Dungeness crabs because it is so easy to get poked or otherwise injured by crab shell. I tend to avoid small shrimp also because they are too much trouble to shell, and this is about as close as I come to having what I recognize as food fears.


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Once....once....I tried to eat a small whole lobster in the shell. I did not succeed at this. Haven't done it again. I will have my lobster meat already "shucked" and on the plate, thank you very much!


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I have done a lot of reading about wild mushrooms.

I have yet to overcome my fear of eating mushrooms I have foraged.


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I have been referred to as a 'Trotter' when my
digestive system wasn't functioning properly.

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