Replacing an entry door... slab only... how to get weathertight?

staceyneilJune 20, 2010

I know, I know, it would have been better to buy a pre-hung door. But we didn't: last year we purchased a beautiful fir entry door for our 1956 home. It cost a lot of money, and is past being able to be returned/exchanged for a pre-hung unit, so this is what we have to work with.

The old wood entry door has NO weatherstripping save some deteriorating cheapie foam by the P.O.

We've hung interior door slabs before, but clearly the fit of this one is very important, and we need to figure out the best weatherstripping option. I'd love to forgo a storm door if possible, which would retract from the beauty of the door (it's under a porch roof).

Any advice?? Steps to take, type of weather seal to install? (I live in Maine, so cold is an issue!)


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Hi. I had a hard time finding the product I wanted and ended up ordering online from Kilian Hardware.

I wanted head and sill weatherstrip in a metal. What I found with them was the v-shaped spring bronze weatherstripping in several widths to match your door thickness. It also can be ordered by length, like a 3 foot long strip of it, or whatever.

I have their phone number and email address, but not their location. I got the impression they were up north though.
Look at their website, link given below. And the phone is 215-247-0945 and email is

Here is a link that might be useful: Kilian Hardware

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They're in Philadelphia & they're wonderful to deal with online.

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