garage sale done

apoemJune 28, 2005

200$ or so- not much.

But two plus truck loads of stuff to goodwill, 200$ and my garage is cleaned up. NOT empty. There is another bunch of stuff that needs to go away. The garage is far from clean. But now, we can clean what we have and put it up.


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good job Ginger! proud of you.Don't stop now you're on a roll!!!!!

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I'm so impressed! We desperately need to do this with the stuff in the basement and garage. It looks like it's going to be fall for us before I can get to this. I hate my garage right now and I won't even go into the basement...

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better you than me, w/ a garage sale.

It must feel great to have accomplished it, and even if there's more you want to do in the garage, it sounds like a mega dent in the task!

How was DH w/ getting rid of stuff; he usually likes to keep it, right?

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Well done!!! Just haul the rest to Goodwill -- and thats it!

And a nice pile of cash too!!!!!

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