Natural supplements storage/dispensing solution

oceannaMay 7, 2008

I use powdered supplements for my food and my pets' foods... digestive enzymes, powdered greens, arthritis supplements, Boswelia/SOD, and MSM. I want to just be able to reach for these easily.

I had them on the countertop in sugar shakers because that was at least better looking than the original containers.

I found the answer! I bought 5 of those magnetic spice shakers at Bed Bath & Beyond for less than $2/each. Now the supplements are all lined up on the side of my fridge right next to where I use them. All I need to do is grab, shake, and stick back on the fridge. They look neat, and the clutter is gone from my countertops. This is from a commercial site showing exactly what mine look like (different contents though):

I hope this comes in handy for some of you too. I love this solution!

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I love those! I use them in the garage.

For my vitamins and other supplements, I use this screws and nuts container that I found at Big Lots for $1 each column of 5. I put two together, added labels, and refill it from Sam's Club size bottles. It really is handy when traveling, I can throw the whole thing in the suitcase.

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Oceanna, those are very cool containers!

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Thanks Metaphysician. If you get some and use them I hope you'll tell us how you use them.

Mustangs, thanks for sharing that. I need my pills to tell me what day so I don't forget. But that looks like it would be cool for nuts and bolts too. You can't beat the price! For this application I needed something that would pour, or sprinkle.

I like these magnetic containers so much I'm eager to hear different ideas for how they can be used. They're attractive, in a modern sort of way. They feel good to hold and use. They're easy to set to sprinkle, pour a little, or pour a lot. I could definitely see having a spice rack of them... but I'm not sure where I'd put it. I'm going to give it some thought.

They'd be super for storing beads, or jewelry parts for the crafter.

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