Priming old shutters - what product?

graywings123June 8, 2013

What would you use as a primer for 100 year old wood shutters that are a combination of bare wood, old oil-based paint, and roughly 10 year old latex paint? The latex is only on the fronts and sides. The backs haven't been touched in decades. I'm dealing with the peeling paint as best I can, but not completely in the crevices, especially on the backs.

I'm thinking one of these:

Slow drying oil primer (my original choice until I realized I couldn't strip them completely)
B-I-N shellac
Peel Stop

Or is there something else?

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Alkyd (oil) primer would be preferred, especially for old wood on exterior uses.

Try to scrape as much of the latex off as possible.

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I agree with brickeyee - a good alkyd based primer is really the only way to penetrate seasoned wood.

Pigmented shellacs are always tempting because they also penetrate well, and dry in 15 minutes. However, shellac can crack in really cold weather.

If possible, strip to bear wood. You never know what has been done in the past. Shutters can be tough, but because they are seasoned wood, you could remove the paint using steam.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

slow dry oil for sure
sw or bm both make good ones

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OK, that was easy. Thanks.

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Strongly suggest using steam; it works really well on tricky, crevice-y surfaces. You'll still need to go over them with a variety of sharp knives, but at least the paint will be soft.


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Wait, wait, wait... please back up. I need to do my louvered shutters too. What are the steps? Are you taking them down? Doing any stripping? Help! Thanks.

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