Ottoman Benches are they as good as they said?

atunFebruary 28, 2014

Hi everyone, i'm thinking of buying an Ottoman bench from

Is there anyone here have any experiences with this product or ever bought one?

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I recently bought one to solve an ottoman/coffee table problem. When I moved here, I had a comfy matching upholstered chair and ottoman that I could not fit for tv viewing. So disappointed. But that meant the sofa would be the main TV viewing seat and I needed an ottoman. I also needed a coffee table. So I got this:

The best part was and probably the only reason I got it was that it was only $79 at Walmart- including free shipping!!! I figured if it didn't work out, no big deal.

It's not as good (soft on the feet) as my upholstered ottoman, but it works fine and looks good in the room. The "leather" is probably as good as any other moderately priced "leather" at double or more of the cost.

I got a nice wooden tray for the top of it for drinks and remotes. I suspect over time it will get a real lived in look and the leather gets dimples where my feet land repeatedly, but for $79, I don't really care. I can get another one in a few years if I have to.

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