Iron fence source: passably period and not too expensive?

jlc102482June 1, 2010

I want to enclose my front yard with an iron fence, as the sidewalk is close to my house and my next-door neighbors have lately taken to "overlapping" into my property. I have an 1857 Victorian (subtype is indeterminate!) and would like the fence to have some kind of vaguely historically accurate design to match the house. However, I have not been able to find anything fitting that description in my price range. I can't really go any higher than $100 per 6-foot long panel. Everything I've seen at that price is too modern looking. Does anyone have any ideas?

I need 60 feet of it, either 4 foot or 5 foot in height. I know I'm not going to get anything super fancy for that price, and that is okay. I just don't want to settle for a modern Home Depot-esque type, because I think that would clash horribly with the house.

Thanks in advance!

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I've no idea how expensive it is, but have you checked with someone who makes wrought iron doors & fences? Something simple like a hairpin design would probably be appropriate & shouldn't be too labor intensive to make. Other than that, have you considered planting a hedge to keep the neighbors at bay?

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I went through this about 4 years ago and ended up ordering off ebay. We have a great looking cast iron fence-appropriate for our 120 year old house, and I remember it was about a third of what anyone locally wanted. I can't find my records or the same seller on ebay tonight, but I searched "iron fence" and came up with one that is $99 for a 5 foot section, based on an 1840s design. If I come across my notebook from that project (it's bugging me that I can't find it), I'll update here.

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It would be worthwhile to try your local craigslist over a few weeks or to check any nearby architectural salvage or non-profit building materials re-use places. Good luck.

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Have you tried King Architectural Metals? They have an enormous catalog. I ordered some strap hinges from them to make my shed more attractive, and their pricing for something cool and old-looking was a fraction of what I saw anywhere else.

I don't see their fencing priced in sections, but one 48" fence piece with finial starts at $2.50. Of course, you need the connecting bars, hardware, endposts, etc., and then installation, but it might come in under your number.


Here is a link that might be useful: King Architectural metals

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Just a note: even in Texas where ordinances are not as strict as out east...most front yards have a max height of 3' for fencing. Also the pointed tops on whats called "cemetary fencing" most often seen in victorian front yards has liability with it due to its height.

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