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sus905May 22, 2005

Wow how one thing leads to another! We started outside in the yard, progressed to cutting down a tree for the neighbor, ended up in the kitchen scrubbing the floor! It looks so nice around here, and such a wonderful way to spend the day together, my dear one and me. Now I am excited to get rid of a few clutter items and to call the day a totally wonderful one!

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I wish I could get my dear one to realize that working with me on some scut project is actually a nice kind of togetherness.

I too spent Sunday getting caught up, but solo--the kids' room needed deep cleaning--vacuum, dust, wipe it ALL down w/ a wet microfiber cloth. I only made it through their room, and I worked steadily all afternoon and evening.

But that room is CLEAN! It was getting gritty and sticky, I'm sort of embarrassed to say.

Glad you had a nice day!

(Oh, and mine qualified as "totally wonderful" bcs I also folded all the laundry--and I do mean "all"--DH had done tons of wash in the morning)

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Second in my mission of the week is to repurpose things. We read and talk a lot about buying things to become organized. I am looking, instead, at using what I have for a purpose that I need. So far I have gotten rid of a few kitchen items that are unused, put pantry type items in a more easily accesible cupboard, put seldom used items in back, everyday items in front. Little things that are adding up to quite a difference in my kitchen. Every storage type item I own I am looking at in a new light! This is great!

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"I wish I could get my dear one to realize that working with me on some scut project is actually a nice kind of togetherness."

TS, that is a gem of a phrase !!

DH is always looking for ways to exercise; he fails to see what wonderful opportunities he is missing by not following me to the garage to empty it, power wash the floor, and then put everything back in it's place....

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I have used up two DHs in my lifetime - and don't seem to be too interested or capable of acquiring another one ....BUT - I have a DS who is traveling across the country to spend 5 days helping his Mom bring some order to the total CHAOS. What a wonderful gift this is, and what a wonderful time we will have.


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wanna, yes that is a precious gift ; you can chat as you work, put on fun background music.

When I've done a big decluttering project with a helper, I plotted out some kind of schedule ahead of time, and would revise the lists every night, cross off what was done; it was more interesting to be able to see the lists getting shorter every night and see ourselves getting closer to a goal.

I also worked the schedule around garbage collection day so that the bulk of what was being trashed had been picked out first.

Let us know how your project worked out; an extra pair of hands is always welcome.

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Vicki, my mom came a while ago (I bought her ticket) and helped me get some stuff organized and infrastructure installed--it was really great! I took time off, and we made lists, etc.

She organized me and kept me focused, helped me brainstorm, and was just slave labor as well. You'll have a great time!

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I have an antique dresser in the kitchen along side the counter where a refridgerator used to be built in. I emptied the drawers of their antique kitchen utensil collections and repurposed the top drawer to hold my cookie cutters and rolling pins, the second drawer to hold the oversized plastic wrap box and other wraps, and the bottom drawer is empty. This gives me 2 empty cupboard drawers and my much used items in a much handier place. I also emptied the small cupboard above the dresser and placed all my granddaughters bottles, formula, etc. for when she comes to visit. Having her things all in one place is extremely handy.

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Lucky you to have a dh who works with you.

We just got back from Vegas for a hit and run trip for business (DH worked, I spent money and saw friends).

So today I got ready for camping (we leave on Wednesday). I grocery shopped, cleaned house, and took care of kids and loaded camper. Dh got camper ready, got pool back up and running after the winter, and helped clean house.

Altogether a super productive day today. May I have many more like it.

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