I'm back and it's worse than ever

mommabirdMay 15, 2006

Hellow fellow organizers. I used to hang out around here many moons ago, but life got in the way & I fell away. I'm back now and when I say it's worse than ever, I mean MY HOUSE! Even though I am a devoted disciple of Flylady my house is totally out of control. It's like I do one small thing while a landslide is happening in the rest of the house. It's never been this bad. DH brought a friend home unexpectly yesterday and I realized the extent of the CHAOS when I saw it through a first-time visitor's eyes.

So I am once again determined to get it under control. I have had health issues the past 3 years so that hasn't helped, then my best friend died last July. So I haven't exactly been a happy bird lately, but sitting in this messy nest doesn't make it any better.

Just knowing that I'm part of this group again motivates me. This forum used to help me so much! Thanks for listening to me ramble...

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Awww...mommabird, you're sure welcome! I think that sometimes it's just having to be so CONSISTENT and do something every day that gets to us so much. I know that when I'm having good days I feel really productive and whiz through things. When things aren't so good it's hard to get the "want to" goin'. ((Mommabird))

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welcome back! I remember you and I'm so glad to "see" you again. I'm sure the fellowship here will help you get a handle on things again.

Hugs to you!


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Mommabird! I'm so glad to see you! I have really missed you.

And I'm sorry to hear of your sadnesses and difficulties. Big hugs your way.

You can get back to where you were, I know you can.

It really does take a huge amount of focus and effort to keep on top of a home. There are folks who do it without apparent effort, but they're just more practiced, that's all. It's still work.

What's the first thing you want to tackle? Which room depresses you the most?

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Welcome back. I find that after reading some of these posts, I think more about "just doing" something - after I walk out of the office, I am more likely to pick up some things here & there, sweep, do some laundry or dishes, whatever. I guess if I'm not consciously thinking about it, I don't see the clutter as much.

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Hi mommabird! You sound motivated! Pick a corner of the room and start from there. You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes. And if you can do more, that's great! Post again and let us know how it's going.

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Yep -- keep things simple -- and keep the routines consistent.
Clean As You Go.

15 Minutes Can Work Wonders.

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Mommabird, I feel for you. I quit my job last July ,mostly due to health issues. I swore I would clean and organize my home, but it just hasn't happened. My house is indeed worse than it has ever been. Even my perpetually patient husband has complained. Let's jump back on track. As Flylady says, "jump in where you are, don't try to catch up."

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Don't forget, husbands are capable of helping. After all, the vacuum is a power tool!

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Mommabird, I know EXACTLY how you feel. We have a few things in common. I have just come back to ths after being away for a couple years. Like you, I've been unable to do much around the house and yard because of ruptured discs and a heart attack. I'm slowly getting better, but only within the last month have I been able to start carving away at my mountain of work and stuff. Being unable was the magic motivation I needed when I was finally able to do the work. That situation impacted me so much that for the first time in my 53 years I have been keeping my kitchen neat and clean, simply because I could, starting only about 3 weeks ago! I wish I could have learned this before raising 4 children and having a 31 year marriage! My 2nd biggest motivator was putting a TV in the kitchen. I found myself able to work in there all day, if needed! I don't actually watch it because I'm cleaning, or culling junk, but it keeps me company while I'm working. I had my DH carry it into our bedroom where I'm doing the same thing: deep cleaning and sorting. I'm sure everyone in North America has been living with TVs in the kitchen and bedroom for decades, but it's new to me and it's my new helper. What I did in my house was to start in the living room near the front door. I was depressed that my living room was so dusty, disorderly and neglected, so I started there. I took decorator items from other rooms and put together a fresh look. That boosted my spirits enough to keep me going. I've been a FlyLady disciple for years too, and I know she'd be proud of me for having both my living room and kitchen within 10 minutes' of being company-ready at any time. It helps that the kids grew up and moved away-- when I clean it stays that way a little longer. I don't swish and swipe the bathroom every day, but it, too, is within 5 minutes of being presentable. I now have high hopes that I can get the laundry room, mud room and back bathroom presentable and keep it that way, too. If I can do it, you can too!

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Don't be too hard on yourself; one baby step at a time will enable you to tackle the big picture. You managed to come through enough to post this, it's already a big step in the right direction. Good luck and keep posting !!!

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Someone asked what room is the worst & said start there. I guess for me it's ALL the rooms! My DS #1 had a friend sleep over Friday night & the kid said to me, "My mom would die if he saw this room!" about DS' room. Now when an 11 year old boy notices how bad it is, IT'S BAD! Rght now I'm concentrating on trying to keep the sink shiny & the laundry caught up. With all the yard work this time of year, that's about all I can do. It also makes me happy to be outside - the sunshine helps. I'm just trying to remember that 15 mintues DOES make a difference even if it doesn't show yet!

Funny story - DS #2 found 5 slugs in the garden Friday & put them in a jar. He brought them inside & was playing with them before bed. What I didn't realize is he took the lid off the jar before bed and left the jar on the DR table! Sat morning there was on ly 1 slug in the jar. I haven't found the other 4! Either the cats ate them or they are hiding in the piles of paper on the DR table, or maybe they are hiding in the vase of roses DH gave me last week for our anniversary that's also on the table. New rule - no bugs in the house!

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Hi mommabird - I think I'm in pretty much the place as you are - so much stuff and don't know where to begin. I decided to paint the bedroom this week-end (been meaning to do it 3 years) and I'm hoping that this will inspire me. At least I'll have to get all that junk off the dressers!

Find any more slugs yet?
Sending positive energy your way - Amy

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Did you find the slugs? I'll bet the cats ate them. When I lived in my apartment,my cat would be up all night eating bugs,especially roaches. Yucko! By the way, I re-joined Flylady. Jump in where you are. This is kitchen week. Within a mointh, if I stay on course,the entire house will have been cleaned at least once!

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