Pink and turquoise bathroom ideas?

karin_sjJune 6, 2013

We're buying a 1939 house and want to paint the inside of the house before we move in. The main bathroom is in fantastic shape and has a lot of charm, so there is no way we're going to redo it too much.

BUT, it has pink and turquoise tile and a very busy floor tile. I have no idea what to paint the walls, but I would like to paint the trim white. Any ideas for me??

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Here's an example of the beautiful and well kept up tile:

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More tile...

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Nice vintage tile--I hope you keep it AND the flooring since they work well together! Why not use the turquoise as the wall color, and an ivory for the trim? It will play down the pink a bit and neither looks as intense as the 50s versions of those colors, at least from what I can see.

The cabinet doesn't look original, nor does the toilet from the little bit which is visible--do you know if they are? To me, the valance curtains are a very big obstacle to the room looking great!

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Another vote for aqua or turquoise to play down pink. I have an early 90's "Santa Fe" tile issue with my bathroom. Yours could be have a white tub. I'm not loving the sink or the valances.

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IMO it's beige and seafoam not pink and turquiose. The pink of that era is unmistakably PINK! like Pepto Bismol.
Theway the window trim is done up doesn't do anything for the room. A porcelain white is probably better. Match the fixtures (toilet lid to the paint store).

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I don't think we are getting an accurate color from your pictures. I agree with Casey - the pink look taupe, and I think the turquoise looks like a gray gray/green - Casey is probably right in that it is more of a seafoam color.

You are seeing it in person. Would one of the new popular grays we are seeing a lot of look right? I am thinking Owl Gray if in fact the the turquoise you are referring to has a greyish tint.

If not, I would go with white walls and white trim for a vintage "spa" look. I love tone on tone whites when done right - and I probably don't know how to do it right :). One way to get that look would be a higher gloss on the trim than the walls or a gayish white on the walls and a bright white on the trim.

You might try posting on the Home Decorating forum also - that is a good place for color help.

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In our previous house we had a pink and blue bathroom, complete with blue tub and busy pink/blue floor tile. The walls were light blue and we liked the way it looked. Of course, you can't go wrong with white, but there are a million whites to choose from. I'd choose one that has some warmth in it--rosy warmth rather than yellow warmth--so it doesn't look too stark or clinical amidst all that color.

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I'd like to see a close up of the floor - that to me looks like the oldest, most original tile - I may be wrong but bath & shower look newer/more recent, although done well & very compatible w/ 1930s.

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