why to make the bed every day

talley_sue_nycMay 20, 2014

This commencement speech by a Navy Admiral, a Seal, is interesting.

It starts with a "shine your sink" type of recommendation.


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Wow, that was wonderful!

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Thanks, Talley Sue. That was a great speech.

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I have four daughters... one day they chatted about their cycles, and discovered that DD3 is the only one who is completely regular, cycle-wise. When they delved further into possible reasons behind this, they realized that though they shared many traits; eat the same sorts of food, exercise level, etc; and are smart, pretty, etc. DD3 makes her bed each and every day without fail, where as the other three do not. I think this habit reflects a certain inner calmness and control that this particular daughter possesses. Only late have I recognized this as a virtue worth striving for rather than one of this girls adorable quirky ways.

Making your bed is a keystone habit-very much like shining the sink as Talley pointed out-that has a far greater impact on your life than simply having a tidy bed (which to me is its own reward).

Here is a link that might be useful: Speech

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Thanks for posting this!

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I make my bed every day to have a nice room to come home to from work. My house looks so much nicer that way.

Oh, and my sink is clean every day too. :) Same reason.


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