narrow cutlery trays, anyone?

cheryl_pMay 28, 2008

My new cabinets have very narrow drawers-weird! Does anyone know where I might get 9 to 10 inch wide cutlery organizing trays? Thanks.


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Hi, Cheryl,

Rubbermaid makes interlocking plastic trays that are 3 inches wide, 2 inches high, and lenghts in 3, 9, 12, and 15 inches. You could configure the drawer to meet your needs. They also make them in wider widths, all based on multiples of 3 inches.

Walmart carried them in brown only, but they also come in white.

Here is a link that might be useful: rubbermaid

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Target is where I got my white Rubbermaid dividers; i really like them, much better than the other brands of similar dividers. They don't take as much space as the clunkier ones.

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