What's for dinner Monday?

patti43February 4, 2013

Hope we've all recovered from the Superbowl. When the lights went out, mine did, too. I went to bed!! Wasn't watching anyway. I did enjoy Puppy Bowl, though. Too cute!

I actually got a lot done today. Still have lots to do before we move into the guest room so I can clean our bedroom and bath and get rid of stuff. If you walked through our house you'd think it was rather sparse. That's because all the clutter is behind closed closet doors or in dressers/drawers. I figure it'll take me 3-6 days to do it right. Sigh!

Dinner tonight is leftover sliders, potato salad and a sliced avocado. A few more slices of that Mrs. Prindable's apple, which is delicious, BTW. If you need a different gift for someone, I highly recommend it!

Hope you've had a good day. What's for dinner?

P.S. Last night I posted a big long answer to all your posts but I guess I forgot to hit "Submit" again. I tell you my brain is mush these days!

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Tonight is Mexican train night. I will probably have some pasta with some tiny meatballs (leftover from the stuffed shells) . DH will probably finish his London broil.

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No recovering from super bowl for me :o)

Paw Paw Patch for a small grilled hmbgr patty, creamed corn and squash casserole with a warm corn muffin

Tonight I SHOULD be cruising for 11 nites with gals I generally cruise with, but I waited too late to book and that's the end of that story.

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Georgysmom, what would we do without leftovers? Have fun tonight--BTW, how's Georgy?

Glenda, I'm not a fan either. I just like to celebrate :-)
You dinner sounds wonderful--AS USUAL!!

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Ground turkey/gravy over a potato, along with creamed corn. Also had a small amount of cottage cheese.

Sorry you missed your cruise, Glenda.


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Leftover homemade chili and some hot tamales from the freezer.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am doing blackened fresh talapia steamed cauliflower and spinach salad

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HI Patti~~I am excited I scrubbed up the 2 upstairs bathrooms this morning~~~I can not remember the last time I have had every room upstairs sparkling clean all at the same time!

I am an organizing/dejunking cleaning machine this last week!

So I am on for yoga tonight and we will finally be getting those pasta dishes we have been wanting! We are happy happy~~~esp me, I hate to cook!

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Shirley, how I love turkey and gravy. Only can I have mine over toast? (I think I just invited myself to dinner--sorry!) It just sounds so darned good.

Jude, do you make your own tamales? I've read recipes for them and it doesn't sound too hard, but if there's something good on the market that doesn't involve making the dough, etc., please let me know the secret. I just love those things!

Nice, healthy dinner, Raven. Harry got some nice, fresh tilapia at Publix last week. Your DH must be a good vegetable eater, too.

Yogalady, that's my goal--only the whole house clean at one time. I think I need a few more arms and a better back, though. Not everyone likes to cook or recipes just make too much, but we all have to eat. Doesn't matter if it's store bought, homemade or takeout, it's fun to share what we're eating every day (and also what we're doing). Right now, you've given me the ambition to get with it in the a.m. and get more done. Thank you!!!

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